Thanks for Visiting WhisperRoom at The 2022 NAMM Show | WhisperRoom

Thanks for Visiting WhisperRoom at The 2022 NAMM Show

The 2022 NAMM Show is the perfect time to see the music industry’s latest products and network with fellow professionals and leading brands. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about WhisperRoom™ and how we can help solve your noise problems.

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image of multiple instruments setup inside a whisperroom

We're Here to Help

About Us

Since 1990, WhisperRoom, Inc.™ has manufactured portable and affordable sound isolation enclosures. The idea originated while the company’s founder was playing saxophone in his apartment. He created a sound isolation enclosure so he could practice without disturbing the neighbors.

This simple and original concept resulted in the first portable sound isolation booth on the market. Over the years, WhisperRoom has provided thousands of sound isolation booths to clients around the world.

WhisperRoom™ offers 26 different sound isolation models and two levels of sound isolation. Each booth is affordably priced and is available as a Standard (single-wall) or an Enhanced (double-wall) unit.

WhisperRooms are Upgradeable

All Standard “S” (Single-Wall) units can be upgraded to Enhanced “E” (Double-Wall) units at any time. The upgrade capability offers clients flexibility if their needs change.

WhisperRooms are Expandable

All WhisperRooms 5′ x 5′ or larger can be expanded as clients’ needs change. Expansion packages are available in various sizes.

drummer inside of a WhisperRoom MDL 102102
Components for a new WhisperRoom individually boxed for shipping and wrapped in red plastic on a pallet.

Shipping + Assembly

All of our components are kept in stock and ready to ship via common carrier freight. Components are individually packaged, stacked on pallets, and wrapped with plastic. Custom creates are also available for transport and storage.

The modular design of a WhisperRoom is intended for the end-users to self assemble. Assembly, disassembly, and relocation can easily be performed by two people and all tools are provided. Because of this, we do not provide assembly services.

Each component is designed to be of manageable weight and size. Depending on the model, the typical heaviest single piece will weigh between 79 and 120 lbs.

Ceiling and floor components are attached to wall components with hinged brackets. Stainless steel bolts and pre-installed inserts are used to attach wall components and seam seals to one another. The complete assembly is performed from the interior with minimal exterior space required.

Watch the assembly examples in the videos below!

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