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“Voice Over Basic” Package

CAD drawing of the Voice Over Basic package

We have combined several of our most popular features to create a tailor-made package for VO artists.

This is an excellent choice if you are looking to avoid minor background noise while recording audiobooks, e-learning transcripts, or audio for commercials and advertisements. Whatever your next project might be, this booth has all the bells and whistles to help you produce the highest quality of audio for your clients.

The Voice Over Basic package includes our MDL 4848 S which is a single-wall booth with exterior dimensions of 4′ 2″ x 4′ 2″ x 6′ 11″. This booth comes standard with ventilation, a door window, and cable passages for your wiring needs.

Technical Info

Additionally, several of our most popular optional features for voice-over artists are included in this package.

Interested in the VO Basic Package?

“Voice Over Basic” Pricing

Pricing breakdown of the Voice Over Basic package

Optional Features Included in the Package

Ventilation Silencing System (VSS): this system helps isolate the sound of the fan when inside your booth so no noise is picked up by your microphone.

A Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) for a WhisperRoom's Ventilation Set

Exterior Fan Silencer: this helps eliminate the noise and vibration that the fan creates.

image of a fan silencer to be used with the ventilation system of a whisperroom

Studio Light (SL): Our dual light system includes adjustable LED puck lights for general lighting and multicolored LED lights to set the mood in your WhisperRoom.

image of three whisperroom booths showing three different colors of studio lights

Auralex LENRD® Bass Traps: We will include 2 Auralex bass traps to help you control low frequencies.

LENRD Bass Traps for a WhisperRoom

Have Questions?

We invite you to contact us at 800-200-8168 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.

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