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The Leader In Sound Isolation Technology

Since 1990, WhisperRoom, Inc.™ has been revolutionizing sound isolation, leading the industry with cutting-edge Sound Isolation Enclosures. Our reputation echoes worldwide, as we’ve gained the trust of major TV networks, esteemed recording studios, educational institutions, government entities, medical labs, voice-over professionals, podcasters, and dedicated musicians. 

We proudly offer a range of 26 distinct iso booth models and 7 preconfigured booth packages, each meticulously designed to excel in specific use scenarios.

WhisperRoom MDL 96120 S (8' x 10') soundproof booth with open door and illuminated interior.

Each booth is available in two levels of sound isolation to meet your precise needs. Our booth selection, complemented by a variety of optional features, provides an unmatched sound isolation experience in terms of depth and quality.

We stand by our unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and affordability. Our Standard (Single-Wall) and Enhanced (Double-Wall) designs are precisely engineered to deliver the ideal solution for your isolation room requirements—simply choose the one that fits your needs.

Solutions Designed for Your Unique Needs

WhisperRoom designs sound isolation booths that significantly reduce ambient and acoustic noise, making them a perfect solution for a wide range of needs. From music recording, voiceover, broadcasting, and musical instrument practice to office solutions, audiology testing labs, and post-production rooms, our booths offer a versatile solution for your sound isolation requirements. 

We also offer solutions for uses that don’t require ventilation. Our exclusive SNV and ENV models, both Standard and Enhanced, provide comprehensive sound isolation minus the ventilation, offering even more flexibility for your needs.

Need your booth quickly? Most orders ship within 48 hours of being placed!

Questions? We’re Here to Help

Our trained Product Representatives are ready to guide you to the perfect sound booth solution. Connect with us today to create your ideal isolation room.

Call us at 865-558-5364 or toll free at 800-200-8168.

Email us at info@whisperroom.com

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