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Sound Isolation Solutions for Educational Institutions

Two students and an educator engaging in a discussion inside GCU's Recording Lab, with several WhisperRoom recording booths prominently featured in the background.

Welcome to WhisperRoom™, your trusted partner for creating quiet, focused spaces in educational institutions and learning environments. We believe that peace and tranquility enhance the learning experience, allowing students and faculty to delve deeper into their studies, research, and creative endeavors.

With our modular design, setting up a quiet space within your institution becomes effortless, eliminating the need for permanent construction. Choose from our range of 26 sound isolation booths, designed to cater to various needs of colleges, universities, and libraries worldwide.

Our commitment to facilitating an optimal learning environment makes WhisperRoom™ the reliable, modular, and adaptable solution for your institution.

Reimagine Your Space

A single-wall WhisperRoom 96144 S soundproof booth, measuring 8' x 12', depicted on a neutral background, with an electric guitar and electric bass poised on a music stand just outside the booth.

In the fast-paced world of education, the importance of a quiet, focused space cannot be overstated. WhisperRoom™ offers a superior solution to transform any corner of your educational institution into an optimal environment for studying, research, or collaboration.

Whether you’re designing a private study room, setting up an area for group projects, or creating a space for conducting online exams, a WhisperRoom™ is your definitive answer. Explore our diverse range of booth sizes, designed to ensure uninterrupted sessions of focus and productivity.

Elevate your institution’s learning and collaborative experiences by integrating our purpose-built sound isolation booths into your campus or library.

Your Environment Deserves a Quiet Oasis

We understand the significance of using a flexible and portable quiet space for your educational institution. Therefore, we’ve crafted a solution that allows you to assemble and relocate the sound booth whenever required.

Institutions like Grand Canyon University, Harvard University, and The New York Public Library have utilized WhisperRoom™ to create quiet study and research zones within their bustling spaces. This allows students and patrons to have a silent environment. The ideal setting for any focused activity, be it study, research, or even recording educational content and music.

Need help finding the perfect fit? Reach out to a Product Representative and they will be happy to assist you.

Female vocalist recording in GCU's recording lab, with a male operating the DAW in the background, showcasing WhisperRoom's versatility in educational, library, and various other institutional settings.

The Solution for Your Institution!

Do you have questions about how WhisperRoom can be used in education, libraries, or other institutional settings? Connect with us!

Designed for Extended Use

To ensure comfort during extended sessions of study, research, or group discussions, each of our booths comes equipped with a ventilation system for effective air circulation. Stay comfortable and focused on achieving your academic goals.

For additional noise reduction, we offer a Ventilation Silencing System (VSS), perfect for ultra-quiet study or research sessions. We also offer Wall Windows for increased visibility and light, creating a more open and comfortable environment.

Consider our optional Caster Plate (CP) for mobility within the host room. It’s particularly useful when you need to regularly reconfigure spaces within your institution.

Two college students engaging in a recording session at GCU's Recording Lab. A young man is shown recording vocals into a condenser mic inside a WhisperRoom, while a female student operates the Digital Audio Workstation from a computer outside the booth

Acoustic Noise Reduction

Depending on the ambient noise level you need to eliminate from your educational institution’s space, WhisperRoom™ offers the Standard (Single-Wall) model or our Enhanced (Double-Wall) model.

Our Standard model reduces ambient noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies), while the Enhanced model cuts ambient noise by about 75% (within those same mid-range frequencies).

For a deeper understanding of how Standard Isolation and Enhanced Isolation perform, please visit our Noise Reduction Page.

Your needs will vary depending on the specifics of your educational institution and its study environments. Consult with a WhisperRoom™ representative to learn more about the recommended levels of sound isolation suitable for your institution’s needs.

Optional Features to Consider: Ventilation Silencing System (VSS), Caster Plate (CP), Wall Windows, Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS), Studio Light Packages (SL).

A single-wall WhisperRoom MDL 7296 S isolation sound booth, measuring 6' x 8', featured prominently in a high school's creative space. Adjacent to the booth is a well-equipped recording desk, complete with studio monitors and various recording gear. A student is shown recording bass inside a WhisperRoom at GCU's Recording Lab, engaged in the process of creating music. View from the interior of a WhisperRoom sound booth at Prosper High School, showing a classroom full of students each working at individual computers, emphasizing the interplay between creative isolation and collaborative learning.

Image features a WhisperRoom MDL 127 LP S, a low-profile corner unit vocal booth, positioned inside a high school's audio production and creative skills classroom. A row of desktop computers and MIDI controllers can be seen just outside the booth, emphasizing the integration of technology and creativity in the learning environment. Three open WhisperRoom sound isolation booths featured inside GCU's Recording Lab, with one booth occupied by a guitarist wearing headphones, immersed in the recording process, demonstrating an active and dynamic creative environment. A guitarist wearing headphones, deeply focused on recording inside a WhisperRoom booth at GCU's Recording Lab, capturing a moment of musical creation.

- Testimonials -

Kevin Parrish

NBC News - Long Island City, NY
“I wanted to share a YouTube video that we made at our temporary filed shop in St. Paul, MN at the recent Republican National Convention. After a long summer, we had a bit of fun during breakdown . . . I’m the guy doing the play-by-play on the video. Hope you enjoy . . . ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Robert Moore

Wheeling Jesuit University, Inc. - Wheeling, WV
“The WhisperRoom is working out great. We are using it for video conferencing with schools around the world. Assembly was easy (this was our third WhisperRoom build).” ...Read More

Model: MDL 7296 S

Claude Cunningham

WBEZ-Radio / Chicago Public Media - Chicago, IL
“This is my third booth purchased and they are great for my community News offices – News Bureau’s based in various communities thru-out the Chicago Area including Northwest Indiana. The sound quality I require is perfect with the WhisperRooms.” ...Read More

Model: MDL 10284 S

Hannah Inzko

Penn State University - University Park, PA
“I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with WhisperRoom’s accuracy and efficiency. It’s not very often that you get a real, caring person when you call a company to place an order. I was blown away when I called to place a second order and they remembered me from the previous year. That ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Jeff Berlin

KISS 108 Radio - Boston, MA
“Just a note to tell you my WhisperRoom is up and running. It works spectacularly! My clients like the clean voice tracks I’m now able to send, and I like the fact that I can jump and perform voice work without having to shut down all my noisy equipment. Thank you for manufacturing such a ...Read More

Model: MDL 4260 E

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