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5 Tips for Tracking Vocals

By: WhisperRoom™

August 23, 2019

man with headphones singing into a microphone

Tracking vocals is a nuanced process that’s different for each person who gets behind the microphone. The “desired outcome” should be the driving force that you build your efforts around during each session. If you’re recording voice-over for a commercial, the steps involved and the equipment utilized will likely be very different than if you

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Bill DeWees in his WhisperRoom image for a Voice Over DIY Demo

VO Tips From Bill DeWees: Your Voice Over DIY Demo

By: WhisperRoom™

July 15, 2021
Bill DeWees in a WhisperRoom giving tips for his listeners

VO Tips From Bill DeWees: You Don’t Need a Pro Demo

By: WhisperRoom™

June 28, 2021
Bill DeWees video cover image for Adobe Audition Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Audition CC 2021 | VO Edition

By: WhisperRoom™

June 18, 2021
Young girl playing the keyboard

Introducing Your Children to Musical Instruments

By: WhisperRoom™

June 15, 2021
An assortment of different microphones for recording vocals

Choosing a Microphone for Recording Vocals

By: WhisperRoom™

June 1, 2021
Bill DeWees inside of his WhisperRoom

VO Tips From Bill DeWees: 5 Ways to Sound Better | Part Two

By: WhisperRoom™

May 20, 2021