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5 Tips for Tracking Vocals

By: WhisperRoom™

August 23, 2019

man with headphones singing into a microphone

Tracking vocals is a nuanced process that’s different for each person who gets behind the microphone. The “desired outcome” should be the driving force that you build your efforts around during each session. If you’re recording voice-over for a commercial, the steps involved and the equipment utilized will likely be very different than if you

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man with gray beard recording his voice

8 Tips to Perfect Your Voice Over Audition

By: WhisperRoom™

June 18, 2019
a recliner, tv, guitar, and mini fridge set up inside of a soundproof WhisperRoom man cave

WhisperRoom™ and Groupon Offer the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

By: WhisperRoom™

June 10, 2019
orchestra equipment on stage inside theater house

What is Acoustics?

By: WhisperRoom™

June 5, 2019
An 8'x16' WhisperRoom inside the CBC News' broadcast room

Maximize your Sound and your Potential

By: WhisperRoom™

June 7, 2017
bannder ad image to promote the 2016 NAB Show in New York

NAB Show New York

By: WhisperRoom™

October 3, 2016
An 8'x8' WhisperRoom sound isolation booth with a wheelchair ramp and ADA package

Introducing the ADA Package

By: WhisperRoom™

September 21, 2016