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6 Ways To Deal With Studio Anxiety

By: WhisperRoom™

September 29, 2021

Young man wearing headphones prepares to record vocals into a condenser microphone

Professional musicians, singers, and voice actors will likely spend a good chunk of their careers in the recording studio. Regardless of talent and experience, many players will begin to overthink their performance when the recording process begins. This change in mindset can be referred to as “studio anxiety”. Studio anxiety kicks in when you feel

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Voice Actor and vocal instructor Bill DeWees inside of his WhisperRoom with text that reads "Professional Audio Quality From Home"

VO Tips From Bill DeWees: Professional Audio Quality From Home

By: WhisperRoom™

April 26, 2021
A young man teaching himself how to play guitar

Best Ways to Teach Yourself to Play the Guitar

By: WhisperRoom™

April 22, 2021
A man wearing headphone and listening to music with instruments around him

How to Become a Sharp Music Listener

By: WhisperRoom™

April 19, 2021
Man playing saxophone next to a guitar

How to Quickly Learn a New Instrument

By: WhisperRoom™

March 24, 2021
Two men sitting at a desk and recording a podcast

9 Ways to Improve Your Podcast

By: WhisperRoom™

December 15, 2020
Image for the 2020 Holiday Sale

Get Free Shipping for the Rest of 2020 When You Mention “Stocking Stuffer”

By: WhisperRoom™

December 1, 2020



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