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5 Tips for Tracking Vocals

By: WhisperRoom™

August 23, 2019

man with headphones singing into a microphone

Tracking vocals is a nuanced process that’s different for each person who gets behind the microphone. The “desired outcome” should be the driving force that you build your efforts around during each session. If you’re recording voice-over for a commercial, the steps involved and the equipment utilized will likely be very different than if you

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RSR: Tommy Womack Talks Indie Rock and Writing Good Songs

By: WhisperRoom™

October 7, 2019
woman standing watching LED light musical instrument

Perfect Pitch vs. Relative Pitch: Which Can You Learn?

By: WhisperRoom™

August 14, 2019
a recording engineer sitting in a chair looking at his computer monitor

Want to Become a Recording Engineer?

By: WhisperRoom™

July 30, 2019
Nashville skyline outlined with the Summer NAMM logo

Summer NAMM 2019

By: WhisperRoom™

July 12, 2019
woman playing piano inside of a room

Train Your Ears: 5 Ways to Boost Your Musical Ear

By: WhisperRoom™

July 9, 2019
cars traveling north and south on the interstate

How Noise Pollution Affects Health & Well-Being

By: WhisperRoom™

July 1, 2019