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Our Construction Reduces Ambient Noise

The prefabricated acoustical enclosures manufactured by WhisperRoom offer a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Both the interior and exterior components, including the door, are crafted with precision using ¾” MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The CNC router meticulously cuts them to guarantee accurate component fit. Furthermore, an attractive and resilient charcoal gray cloth material entirely covers these components, enhancing both the visual appeal and durability of the enclosures.

A CNC router in WhisperRoom's woodshop in Morristown, TN, cutting pieces of MDF during the construction process. The router is a large machine with a precision cutting head moving across a large table, carving intricate patterns into the MDF sheets. Sawdust fills the air as the router efficiently transforms the raw material into precise WhisperRoom components.

Superior Sound Reduction: Door and Wall Windows

The window components in WhisperRoom booths are constructed using dual-paned 1/4″ laminated safety glass, with a 1/4″ air space between the glass panels. This choice of safety glass is due to its superior noise reduction capabilities and safety features. 

It’s important to note that the installation of a window does not diminish the noise reduction capabilities of a WhisperRoom™. However, it can result in increased interior reflection. 

As a basic feature, all WhisperRoom sound booths come equipped with a door window. On the other hand, customers can choose to add wall windows as an optional feature based on their individual preferences and requirements.

8 Various Wall Window sizes for a WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Booth

Auralex® Interior Foam Sheets

Each WhisperRoom model includes sufficient Auralex® acoustical foam to cover approximately 1/3 of the interior. These foam sheets are of 2′ x 4′ dimensions and 2″ thick, easily attaching to the interior using Velcro®. This feature allows users to customize the interior acoustics according to their specific needs.

The foam’s versatility enables effortless adjustments within the WhisperRoom to achieve desired levels of reverberation or absorption. With a pyramid design, the foam sheets are available in a variety of vibrant colors, including burgundy, orange, gray, blue, and purple.

Five sheets of 2'x4' 2" thick Auralex Studiofoam (shown in gray, orange, blue, purple, and burgundy)

Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels

In addition to the Auralex acoustical foam, WhisperRoom also offers Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels as an optional feature. These panels are custom-cut and wrapped in the fabric color of your choice. With a thickness of 1/5″ and dimensions of 2′ x 4′, these panels come with Velcro®-backed Hang Tabs and Screws for easy mounting. 

Incorporating Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels into your WhisperRoom allows you to create a customized, aesthetically pleasing, and acoustically effective environment.

Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels for a WhisperRoom Isolation Booth

Easy Assembly and Disassembly for Flexibility

The WhisperRoom™ is composed of multiple components, meticulously designed to have a manageable weight and size. Each component has been carefully engineered to ensure that the heaviest piece weighs less than 115 lbs. As a result, clients can easily assemble or disassemble the iso booth themselves, facilitating routine configuration changes or relocation with minimal effort. 

This user-friendly design allows for effortless adaptability and flexibility, empowering users to accommodate reorganization or changes in location as needed. Be sure to watch our assembly demos!

Step-by-step assembly of a WhisperRoom shown in multiple smaller images. Two men are seen meticulously building the sound-isolated booth. They carefully connect panels, aligning them with precision. The images demonstrate the collaborative process, with one man holding parts while the other secures them together. The step-by-step progression showcases the construction of a fully assembled WhisperRoom, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in the assembly process.

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