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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WhisperRoom™ stand out above the rest?

WhisperRoom™ has satisfied the needs of thousands of clients over the years. We have always offered high-quality, effective, sound isolation enclosures at very affordable prices. The best testimonial as to the quality of a product and integrity of a company is a repeat client.

Not only do our clients consistently speak highly of both the WhisperRoom™ product line and client service, but many are also repeat buyers, see our repeat clients page to see the list of clients that have come back to WhisperRoom time and time again for their sound isolation needs.

What is the difference between a Standard & Enhanced WhisperRoom™?

WhisperRooms are available in two levels of isolation, “Standard” and “Enhanced”. Standard units have a single-wall system. Enhanced units have a double-wall system and are suitable for applications that require a much greater noise reduction capability.

The client’s needs dictate which system is recommended. Visit our Noise Reduction page to learn more about the differences between a Standard and Enhanced WhisperRoom™.

Keep in mind, a Standard (single-wall) system can initially be purchased and later upgraded to an Enhanced (double-wall) system by installing the appropriate Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP). This can be done at any time and is extremely convenient when the clients’ needs change.

How do I know what model number I need?

The model numbers are the exterior wall dimensions in inches. For example, an MDL 4848 is 48″ x 48″ exterior wall to exterior wall (4′ x 4′).

The acoustical foam provided attaches to the interior with Velcro in order for clients to have the ability to customize the interior to suit their needs. Each sheet of acoustical foam is 2′ x 4′ and 2″ thick, so if attached to opposing walls the interior space of the WhisperRoom™ would decrease by 4″ in each dimension.

For example, the MDL 4848 is 4′ x 4′ exterior dimensions, but the interior (with foam on opposing walls) would be 3.5′ x 3.5.

The exterior height for Standard models is 6’11” and for Enhanced models, it is 7’1″. Interior height is 6’8″ for both Standard and Enhanced.

The Enhanced models have two layers of barrier (3/4″ MDF) and the second set of walls is installed on the interior, so the interior space will decrease by 6.5″ or 10.5″ with the foam attached to opposing walls. This means that an MDL 4848 E would have approximately 3′ x 3′ of interior space.

Are WhisperRooms™ soundproof?

The WhisperRoom™ is not soundproof, however, it will provide significant sound isolation. For an enclosure to be soundproof it would require the use of massive, very heavy materials and elaborate architectural techniques to prevent airborne and structure-borne sound leakage.

The words “portable” and “modular” insinuate that an enclosure can, with relative ease, be assembled/disassembled, and relocated. In a nutshell, an enclosure cannot be both “portable/modular” and soundproof.

What is the WhisperRoom™ made of?

Every WhisperRoom™ component, including the door, is constructed of 3/4″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and completely wrapped with a durable 1/8″ thick, cloth type material for a total thickness of 1″/component.

Standard isolation units consist of one layer of the MDF barrier, while Enhanced isolation units have two layers. You can upgrade from a Standard to an Enhanced at any time.

How much foam do I need?

Every WhisperRoom™ includes enough Auralex® acoustical foam to cover approximately 30% of the interior wall surface.

The acoustical foam, a basic WhisperRoom™ vocal booth feature, attaches to the WhisperRoom™ wall with non-permanent Velcro® fasteners. This allows the interior acoustics of each unit to be tailored to accommodate specific client needs.

No foam, or small amounts of foam, usually results in a live (highly reflective) interior sound, while large amounts of foam result in a dead (non-reflective) interior sound.

Additional foam is available if desired.

How important are covering the seams to the sound isolation of the WhisperRoom™?

The thickness and weight/sq. ft. of a component means nothing unless the seam between each component has a noise reduction capability comparable to that of the components themselves.

Simply covering seams with thin strips of plastic or metal and a layer of acoustical foam will not prevent sound leakage!

WhisperRoom™ wall components are attached to one another with components referred to as Seam Seals. Seam Seals are constructed of the same 1″ thick, 3.25 lbs/sq. ft. barrier. They overlap 3 inches onto each wall component and are bolted, top-to-bottom.

In addition to a very tight seam, this system provides an extremely solid structure.

WhisperRoom™ ceiling and floor components attach to the wall system with hinged brackets. Stainless steel bolts and pre-installed threaded inserts are used to attach components to one another.

Our WhisperRoom™ Assembly Demos will show you exactly how easily and effortlessly the wall components attach and our Sound Booth Demos will show just how effective our vocal sound booths are in reducing sound.

What type of warranty do you have?

WhisperRoom™, Inc., for five years from the date of purchase of a WhisperRoom™, will repair or replace, at its factory, any part that may prove to be defective in materials or workmanship. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from mishandling, vandalism, misuse, abuse, alteration, or lack of reasonable care. This includes damage resulting from outdoor use. WhisperRoom™ products are designed for indoor use only. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and is not transferable.

For additional questions on our sound booth warranty, visit our Warranty page or call us at 800-200-8168 or 865-558-5364.

Does a WhisperRoom™ contain formaldehyde?

Some of the components used to manufacture WhisperRooms™ contain trace amounts of formaldehyde (and other VOC’s), however, the amounts are less than the Permissible Exposure Limits established by OSHA and Cal/OSHA.

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