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image of multiple instruments setup inside a whisperroom drum booth
Steve Mecca's WhisperRoom in his home studio
A woman sitting next to her WhisperRoom vocal booth
Interior of a WhisperRoom without studio foam
interior of a whisperroom with studio foam on the wall panels
image of a whisperroom isolation vocal booth with the door open
a laptop on a desk inside the Zoom Booth by WhisperRoom
image of guitar and sax inside of a whisperroom booth
Someone using a laptop computer with the Office Desk
woman talking on the phone inside WhisperRoom's Office Booth
A man playing guitar inside of a large sized WhisperRoom
A WhisperRoom Isolation booth inside of a home studio on a hardwood floor
image of a whisperroom inside a home studio
image of a whisperRoom in Mail Chimp's office
image of a WhisperRoom practice booth inside a home's foyer
image of whisperroom booth with ADA package and a wheelchair
A man playing saxophone inside of his WhisperRoom practice booth
image of a whisperroom isolation booth inside of an office
multiple whisperrooms inside Canada's Olympic broadcasting room
image of a custom build WhisperRoom that was made for GoPro
WhisperRoom in the corner of a living room
image of a drummer inside of a whisperroom drum booth
image of a wheelchair and a wheelchair ramp set up with a recording booth
image of a whisperroom used for audiology testing
close up image of a whisperroom door from the outside
Office Desk from an angle
Office Desk folded down
Office Desk folded up
A recording booth with assorted audio gear inside of a home studio
image of a musician's whisperroom booth
image of a whisperroom booth inside of a home's bonus room
A man recording voice overs into a microphone in his WhisperRoom
image of a whisperroom booth inside a recording studio
image of the interior of a large whisperroom that has multiple instruments inside
image of a whisperroom inside of production studio
image of a WhisperRoom vocal booth inside of a home office
A WhisperRoom recording booth at the University of Miami
A MDL 127 LP S WhisperRoom at CSD-Television Studio
Image of a 4'x4' WhisperRoom booth with an open door and blue foam inside
Sekai's WhisperRoom inside an apartment
Young man in his booth wearing headphones
Sekai the artist recording vocals inside his WhisperRoom
Custom built WhisperRoom at a red carpet event hosted by KIIS FM & Ryan Seacrest for the New Moon Premiere
Ryan Seacrest at The Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere inside of a custom built WhisperRoom MDL 102186 S
A home studio that is full of trophys, studio gear, and equipment to record voice-overs
Multiple WhisperRooms being used by for broadcasting at the 2012 Olympics
A WhisperRoom booth set up for hearing tests inside of Stawood Audiology
A man doing product testing for Interstate Battery inside of a WhisperRoom
A 4' x 4' WhisperRoom vocal booth cornered in a room with guitar amps
A Researcher From Bosch inside of his WhisperRoom Testing Booth
A WhisperRoom recording booth inside of a library
WhisperRoom's manufacturing plant with workers building components for soundproof booths
The interior of a 4'x4' Vocal Booth by WhisperRoom
A man performing vocals inside of a WhisperRoom vocal booth
A man recording a narration inside of his WhisperRoom vocal booth
A man playing drums inside of his WhisperRoom drum booth
Voice actor Jorge Infante posing for a photo in his WhisperRoom
The interior of a WhisperRoom voice over booth
A man recording voice over inside his WhisperRoom
The inside of Current Sound WhisperRoom at Studio B in Hollywood
Tom Watson's Studio B in Hollywood
A man and woman looking at the finished assembly of their WhisperRoom booth
A WhisperRoom with door open to show off the studio foam
Man playing acoustic guitar inside a WhisperRoom