Recording Studio Rockstars: Bill Cheney and Spectra 1964

RSR: Bill Cheney Talks About the History of Spectra Sonics and More

By: WhisperRoom™

January 31, 2020

Bill Cheney and another man standing inside of a recording studio

WhisperRoom™ is a proud sponsor of the podcast Recording Studio Rockstars. In each episode, Lij Shaw interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals to bring you inspiring stories, tricks, and insight from the recording industry.

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RSR Episode #227: Bill Cheney – Spectra 1964, Sound of Record Plant, Stax Studio, Ardent, and Easy Eye Sound

In this episode of Recording Studio Rockstars, Bill Cheney talks about the history of Spectra Sonics and Spectra 1964, designing the C610 Complimiter and STX100 mic preamp, how to understand transients and peak limiting, stories of Record Plant NY, Roy Cicalla, Tom Dowd, Stax Studios, and much more!

Listen to the full episode here or stream it in the video below!

Recording Studio Rockstars – Episode #227 – Bill Cheney

Who is Bill Cheney?

Bill Cheney is the owner of Spectra 1964 (originally Spectra Sonics), makers of the famous 101 mic preamps and the sound of Stax Records in Memphis, TN. Spectra Sonics made consoles for studios like Ardent in Memphis, The Record Plant in NYC, and Easy Eye Sound (Dan Auerbach’s studio in Nashville). You have heard Spectra Sonics records by Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson, John Lennon, and more than we can keep track of.

In this episode, Bill tells about the amazing history of Spectra 1964, the studios that have made so many iconic records, the design philosophy behind old and new Spectra Sonics, and different ways that we can improve our sound in our studios and better understand things like peak limiting and signal chain.

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