Recording Studio Rockstars: Craig Alvin Gives Tips For The Perfect Mix

RSR: Craig Alvin Gives The Ultimate Step-by-Step Process for a Perfect Mix

By: WhisperRoom™

February 25, 2020

Producer Craig Alvin sitting next to his studio gear while having a conversation

WhisperRoom™ is a proud sponsor of the podcast Recording Studio Rockstars. In each episode, Lij Shaw interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals to bring you inspiring stories, tricks, and insight from the recording industry.

You can listen to the entire podcast archive of Recording Studio Rockstars here or from your favorite podcast app.

RSR Episode #232: Craig Alvin talks about mixing the 2018 Grammy-winning Record of the Year and much more!

In this episode of Recording Studio Rockstars, producer, engineer, and mixer Craig Alvin talks about building his new mix room, recording the Grammy Record of the Year with Kacey Musgraves, setting up your stereo mix bus in Pro Tools, and the shares the ultimate step-by-step process for a perfect mix every time.

Listen to the full episode here or stream it in the video below!

Recording Studio Rockstars – Episode #232 – Craig Alvin

Aside from receiving an award for mixing the 2018 Grammy-winning Record of the Year – Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves – Craig has been nominated for several other Grammys over the years. His long list of credits includes Amy Grant, Vanessa Carlton, Lady Antebellum, Frankie Ballard, Chase Rice, Will Hoge, Butterfly Boucher, Erin McCarley, Hanson, and How I Became The Bomb.

Listen to Kacey Musgraves ‘Golden Hour’ – mixed by Craig Alvin in the video below.

Kacey Musgraves 2018 Grammy-winning Record of the Year

More about Craig Alvin

Craig has been making genre-spanning records for over 20 years. He has been a previous guest on the Recording Studio Rockstar way back on episode #029. Check that episode out for more of his backstory. Episode #232 focuses on his new studio and what we can learn about mixing great records and creating a Grammy-winning sound.

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