Recording Studio Rockstars: Mastering Tips From Ryan Smith

RSR: Ryan Smith Gives Tips for DIY Mastering at Home

By: WhisperRoom™

November 21, 2019

Mastering engineer Ryan Smith standing next to a collection of audio gear

WhisperRoom™ is a proud sponsor of the podcast Recording Studio Rockstars. In each episode, Lij Shaw interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals to bring you inspiring stories, tricks, and insight from the recording industry.

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RSR Episode #219: Ryan Smith, Sterling Sound, & DIY Tips for Mastering at Home

In this week’s episode of Recording Studio Rockstars, Ryan Smith talks about learning vinyl mastering from George Marino, how to get started listening to vinyl, his new studio at Sterling Sound Nashville, and gives some pro tips for DIY mastering from your home studio.

Listen to the full episode here or stream it in the video below!

Recording Studio Rockstars – Episode #219 – Ryan Smith

Who is Ryan Smith?

Ryan Smith is a mastering engineer at Sterling Sound. He has mastered records for a wide variety of artists, including Greta Van Fleet, Elle King, and AC/DC.

Ryan Smith began his journey in the world of audio when he moved to New York City in 1995. In the late 90’s he moved through various recording studio gigs and other “audio odd jobs” around New York City. This eventually led to a job as an assistant engineer at Manhattan’s Right Track Recording. This opportunity gave Ryan the chance to work alongside legendary engineers and producers, including Phil Ramone, Arif Mardin, Russ Titelman, and Frank Filipetti.

Ryan Smith of Sterling Sound talks about mastering music, cutting vinyl, and working with Intervention Records.

In 2002, Ryan made the move to mastering. He joined Sterling Sound where he’s been for the past 17 years. Early in his career at Sterling, Ryan spent time working alongside both Ted Jensen and the late George Marino. In addition to digital mastering, Ryan learned the art of vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting from George. During the current resurgence of vinyl, Ryan has become one of the most in-demand vinyl specialists in the industry.

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