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WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Video Demos

WhisperRoom™ sound isolation booths provide significant noise reduction no matter what the application is. Hear for yourself – listen to our Standard and/or Enhanced Sound Booth Videos to decide what level of sound isolation is best for you.

“Standard” (Single-Wall) Isolation

To better understand how Standard Isolation performs, please visit our Noise Reduction page.

“Enhanced” (Double-Wall) Isolation

To better understand how Enhanced Isolation performs, please visit our Noise Reduction page.

Since 1990, WhisperRoom™ has manufactured and shipped our Sound Isolation Enclosures all over the world to a variety of people and companies to address and satisfy a variety of needs.

WhisperRoom™ modular and prefabricated sound booths – also known as sound isolation enclosures – are used for a number of applications. Amateur and professional musicians use them as portable recording or practice booths, saving loads of money on unnecessary studio rentals. Bands and singers use them as vocal booths, while medical professionals use them as audiology/hearing test booths. In the medical field, researchers use them as portable and scalable medical laboratories.

WhisperRooms are also a popular item with media companies who use them as post-production facilities, voice over, or translation sound booths. NBC TV purchased and transformed twenty iso booths into broadcasting booths for the Summer Games in Beijing. CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcasting company, purchased five broadcasting booths for the Winter Games in Vancouver, and the Department of State purchased 78 WhisperRooms.

Visit our gallery of sound isolation booth photos if you would like a firsthand view of how our customers put their WhisperRooms™ to use.


For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call 800-200-8168 or 865-558-5364 or email us at

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