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Education Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting

Jon Eakes

Jon Eakes

Model: MDL 4872 S

“As you recall we purchased this to solve a structural vibration noise from a near-by electrical room that rendered our first effort at creating a recording room useless. We were fighting both the airborne hum and one through the solid concrete floor. Your double-walled, double-lifted sound booth with a ventilation muffler (VSS) may even have been overkill, but we are happy with the overkill as that rumble can’t even be found in the recordings.

This room compliments our in-house video studio making our own instructional videos. In Montreal, we need to work in English, French and Spanish and the set-up is actually good enough to allow us to extend to other languages as this manufacturer distributes in 26 countries around the world. I guess you would call your WhisperRoom part of a world class installation. I thank you for holding our hand throughout our process of researching solutions. You gave us an excellent solution.”

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