Kevin Parrish - Client Testimonials | WhisperRoom, Inc.™
Education Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting

Kevin Parrish

NBC News - Long Island City, NY

Model: MDL 4242 S

“I wanted to share a YouTube video that we made at our temporary filed shop in St. Paul, MN at the recent Republican National Convention. After a long summer, we had a bit of fun during breakdown . . . I’m the guy doing the play-by-play on the video. Hope you enjoy . . . Hey, if there’s such a thing as a WhisperRoom t-shirt can I get one from you?

Also wanted to let you know what a great design job you guys did on the case that the WhisperRoom travels in. The Secret Service was even impressed when we had to open the create for inspection purposes.” See YouTube Video made by Kevin Parrish at NBC News

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