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Michael K. Hardy, MD, MPH

Flightline Occupational Medicine Orem, UT

Model: MDL 4230 S

“Hi, my name is Dr. Hardy. My specialty is Occupational Medicine. I have a small Occupational Medicine practice in Utah, and by “small” I mean tiny, in a tiny “garden level” (read: basement) office. As an Occupational Medicine physician, I need to have a booth for audiograms, a booth that meets OSHA standards for hearing conservation programs and the required hearing tests.

Given my minimal office space, I knew it would be very difficult to find an audiogram booth small enough to bring into the office, with its low ceilings and small doorways. In a moment of sheer luck, I contacted WhisperRoom, among several other audio booth manufacturers, and was in complete disbelief when I found out there was a company out there that manufactured an audiogram booth that would arrive in pieces and could be assembled on site, in place. It took no time at all for me to decide that the Whisper Room was the booth for my practice.

When the booth arrived on a large single pallet, it was shrink wrapped and well-protected, individual pieces carefully packed in cardboard boxes with protective cardboard and styrofoam pads within the boxes. I managed to bring it indoors single-handedly, piece by piece, using a furniture dolly.

Today was sound attenuation test day with my audiogram calibration company. The technician tested the booth and it passed OSHA standards for sound attenuation with flying colors. This booth is everything I had hoped for in one well-engineered, well-built and straightforward-to-assemble package.

My compliments to all the staff at WhisperRoom for the fine workmanship, and especially to Jill in sales who helped me through the entire sales, selection-of-model and purchase process; and then kept me well-apprised through the preparation, shipping, and delivery evolution. I will always look at this experience as one of my favorites as I purchased numerous pieces of equipment required by my specialty, at the outset my practice. It may be a little prideful, but I like looking at the booth, knowing I put it together, with no assistants or assistance needed.

When I move to a larger office, the booth will go with me, of course, and I don’t anticipate any problems at all with disassembly and reassembly. And when my practice grows and expands to a second office, I know exactly where I will turn for my second audiogram booth.

My thanks to WhisperRoom for a job well-done.”

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