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Michael Rivett

Home Studio - Saxophone Practice - Sydney, Australia

Model: MDL 4848 E

“Shipping was WAY quicker than I expected. Communication with the freight company was good. Assembly was easy, think “IKEA.” I just had one friend help me. It is plenty of room for one tenor sax player, either standing or sitting. I actually managed to fit another tenor sax player in there. We both sat on little stools and jammed together.

It reduces the sound a lot. It doesn’t totally stop it, but it converts a screaming acoustic instrument to the level of a TV. I had my friend play tenor sax at full volume while I walked around the apartment. I could hear him in each room but it was how you would hear a tv. As soon as I went outside the apartment, I couldn’t hear him at all. One other cool thing is that the finish is like the female part of Velcro. So if you have anything such as metronome, headphones, you can just Velcro them to the wall. All in all, I’m very satisfied with this room, it’s changed my life. Get one.”

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