Richard Stroobant - Client Testimonials | WhisperRoom, Inc.™
Education Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting

Richard Stroobant

RTBN Instructor Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Alberta, Canada

Model: MDL 4872 S

“The condensed version…We LOVE it!!!! We purchased a WhisperRoom and could not believe the quality of the voice overs the first day we used it. This was a very cost-effective option. It’s basically a 4 x 6-foot soundproof shed. Our students also use it for broadcasting. Our campus station is and everything that is on the station our students write, voice and produce. Almost all of the voice overs on the station are done in the WhisperRoom.

The reason we bought it is because we needed to improve the quality of our voice overs and it did that immediately. Extremely quiet, even with the built-in ventilation fan going, and our audio projects sound SOO much better with the use of the WhisperRoom. Additionally, it has been remarkably easy to put it together, take it apart and put it back together (because of renovations and moving the WhisperRoom, we’ve done it three times).

When industry professionals come in for a tour of our new facilities, they comment on how they wish they had one of these and always ask how good they are. For a college teaching radio, for a radio station needing a voice booth, for someone wanting a home studio…it’s perfect! I highly recommend it.”

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