10 Tips: How to Convert Your Bedroom Into a Quiet Workplace

10 Tips: How to Convert Your Bedroom Into a Quiet Workplace

By: WhisperRoom™

October 27, 2022

A chair and a desk set up in a bedroom as a quiet workplace.

Are you planning to completely shift your office to home? Do you know many people post-pandemic are considering this option, and why would they not?

Working from home allows you to work at your own pace and save several hours that go waste traveling, chatting with colleagues, etc.

However, one of the main concerns of freelancers today is how they can set up a quick, quiet workplace at home. If you are also from the same clan, we have nine outstanding tips for you.

1. Declutter the Space First

There is no more comfortable place for anyone than their own bedroom. Most people planning to work from home choose their bedroom to turn into their home-based office. To all such people, our first advice for you is to clean up the space.

With all the extra furniture you have in this room, move it out and declutter your room. If you can, set up your wardrobe in another room too and make the spot for your work spacious. This will help you stay focused and not waste your time cleaning up every hour.

2. Get Your Hands on an Office Desk and Chair

Once your working space is ready to be called your office, find some best workplace furniture for yourself. Start with finding a comfortable chair and a nice desk. If you find any desk with extra drawers during the hunt, go for it. You can save all your documents in one place and spend tension-free time working from home. Make sure to place this set near a socket so you can connect all your devices without any hassle.

3. Keep Your Work Gears Nearby

Another tip for staying focused on your work is to keep all your office gear near you. If the equipment is handy, you will actually have a peaceful time working. Otherwise, you will always be looking for your chargers, devices, etc. This is why we recommend you get a table with drawers. They offer you extra space that you can utilize in the best way possible. In case you don’t find any such table, get Ikea baskets or storage boxes. They will also do the trick.

4. Prefer Natural Light Over Artificial Ones

There is this fact that you cannot ignore, and it is that natural lights are more soothing than artificial ones. Therefore, it is good to situate your workstation near bedroom windows and balconies to increase the potential of work.

However, if you don’t have access to natural light in your room, go for warm artificial lights. They’re also better and protect your retina from damage. If you have a job like providing report writing services that demand high screen time, yellow LED lights are the best option for you.

5. Go For Subtle and Light Colors if You Can

I don’t prefer sharp-colored rooms when converting a bedroom into an office room. Instead, I am a fan of neutral and monochromes. These days white walls are in trend, and they actually help you stay motivated and prevent falling asleep quickly, and it is what you want for your workplace.

White lights, warm bulbs, nice curtains, and a fresh floral smell are a perfect environment to work from home. You can also get workspace furniture that contrasts with your walls. Let me tell you the color of my room that many of my friends copied.

A workstation in a bedroom with multicolored geometric shapes painted on the wall.

So my walls are creamish with a geometric wall at the back. The color of this wall is gray, yellow, and black. Plus my working desk is white in color. This layout gives a chic yet subtle effect to my room that is now a choice of many. Likewise, you can choose any light colors you want to decorate your workroom.

6. Don’t Allow Children in the Room During Work Time

Here comes one of the most important points of this article. Being a parent myself, I know how difficult it can get to work from home and look after your kids at the same time. But believe me, once you set rules, life gets easy.

The room that you plan to call your workstation must have no kids’ board hanging outside. Make your children understand that they must not disturb you and enter your workspace during office hours.

Like me, many of my colleagues have tried this, and we all can vouch for it. Give your children the time they need, listen to them, and play with them. When you understand what they want, they will also cooperate with what you want.

Illustration showing the door to a "quiet room" being closed.

7. Block Out All Unnecessary Sound

Next tip with almost the same context, please block out all unnecessary sounds when working from home. Tell your parents and family members not to call you during work hours.

Also, please don’t share this space with anyone else, even if they are very dear to you, because they may annoy you by talking to their colleague or boss, which can have an impact on your productivity.

8. Minimize Distraction From Your Phone

If you have no work to do on your mobile phone, it is better to shut it down and keep it aside. However, there are rare chances of this. In such cases, you can keep your phone in silent mode, on vibration mode, or must some chats that may disturb you. For jobs like giving dissertation assistance, it is critical to keep your attention intact, and limiting cell phone use will work for you. 

9. Get Creative With the Walls

Creative walls actually help me stay focused and improved my attention span. For me, a creative wall means adding quotes, word treasures, and maps to my wall. These things become my friend when I need a break and help me increase my cognitive skills simultaneously.

10. Add Live Plants to the Scene for Extra Aesthetics

You shake hands with nature, and they will become your best friends forever. For your home workspace, you can do the same. There are hundreds of beautiful vases available on the market. Get some nice ones with indoor plants from the market and keep them near your workstation. I bet you won’t regret this. Sing to your plants, give them proper food, and enjoy your time with them. They’re the best companions for people working from home.

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Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as an Editor at crowdwriter.com. She is a single mother and lives with two beautiful daughters. She has previously worked at home for more than a year during the pandemic. Claudia loves to play the guitar, and she often blogs at WordCountJet.

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