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7 Ways Musicians Can Navigate COVID-19

By: WhisperRoom™

April 13, 2020

Musical Navigation for COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has created many problems around the globe. The pandemic has impacted numerous industries, but small businesses, self-employed workers, and musicians are especially hurting.

As the majority of the population is staying home due to COVID-19, establishments are losing customers and having a difficult time paying bills. Musicians and bands have been forced to cancel tours, stop playing shows, and adapt to a new way of reaching fans.

Unexpectedly, many musicians have a lot more free time on their hands as a result of the crisis. However, there are new ways to reach fans, grow your audience, and connect with crowds. This article will offer several tips on how musicians can navigate COVID-19.

1. Live Stream Your Events

Playing live on the internet is one of the most practical things to do during this time. Bands, musicians, DJs, producers, and engineers have the opportunity to host virtual performances for their fans. Even gigging musicians who typically play cover songs at bars and restaurants can take advantage of this new way to perform.

Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms make it super easy to get creative with your online events. After choosing a platform, simply add a PayPal.me link to your bio or description to start collecting virtual tips from your online audience. To make this work really well, personalize your performance and connect with your viewers.

This is your chance to let your fans get a glimpse of your creative process, workflow, and lifestyle. Make sure to stay engaged with your viewers by answering questions and telling stories that let your personality and music shine.

Live streaming tips from JohnPaul Music UK.

2. Sell Your Merch Online

Musicians know that merchandise sales provide substantially more income than Spotify streams. This is a great time to update the online shop on your website.

Artists should put an emphasis on selling their CDs, vinyl, shirts, hats, and posters during this time. Maybe consider putting together a package of your best-sellers or create an online fan club where exclusive items are sold.

3. Work in the Studio Remotely

Most musicians have some sort of studio in their home and now is a great time to put it to work. You can perform session work or collaborate on a track with another artist. Most engineers can still provide mixing and mastering services and producers might find some luck in selling beats and custom sample packs.

If you’re an audio wizard, you may want to consider offering online tutorials or lessons for Protools, Logic, or Ableton. Novice engineers and musicians who self-record will have much more time to learn your secret expert tips.

3 tips for musicians

4. Teach Online Music Lessons

Zoom, Skype, and Facetime have made interactive music lessons easy. Everyone has more time to practice and your fans would likely jump at the opportunity to learn your favorite techniques, unique methods, and even your music!

If you’re an audio wizard, you may want to consider offering online tutorials and lessons for Protools, Logic, or Ableton. Novice engineers and musicians who self-record know lots of secrets. Now would be a great time to leverage your expertise and teach other musicians how to efficiently mix a drumset or master a song. Your knowledge can help other musicians navigate COVID-19 too.

Musicians everywhere have always enjoyed the side hustle of teaching music lessons. You might even be able to provide a great source of additional income to help you have a good part-time job when things return back to normal.

Tips for teaching online music lessons from The Online Music Teacher.

5. Learn a New Instrument

Many songwriters and musicians are multi-instrumentalists. Chances are, you have several different instruments in your house or apartment. Don’t hesitate to learn something new. Now is a great time to polish your skills on the guitar, train your ear, or spend more time playing the piano.

Do things differently. You could try writing a song on a new instrument or learn all the parts of your favorite songs. The possibilities are endless when you learn a new instrument.

6. Stay Busy Creating

During this time, many musicians will stay busy writing songs and recording new material. It’s also a good time to work on the stuff that’s been put on pause. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on a project. Perhaps, you need to make artwork for a new EP or you want to master an album for vinyl. You will have more time to catch up on the things that have been on hold.

It’s healthy to stay busy creating new things. When life gets busy again, you’ll be thankful that you spent your time being productive.

7. Support Other Musicians

You should always support other musicians, but now is a crucial time to step up and support your local scene. Remember, every musician around the world is affected by the current state of affairs.

You can show support by purchasing albums on Bandcamp or ordering a t-shirt from one of your favorite bands. Fans will grow, networks will be strengthened, and the iconic music that’s released during this time will be remembered. We’re all in this together.

4 tips for musicians
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