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How to Personalize Your WhisperRoom

By: WhisperRoom™

December 13, 2022

Several optional features for a WhisperRoom shown over a orange gradient background.

WhisperRoom sound isolation booths are available in 26 different modular sizes and two levels of sound isolation. Each booth we make is offered in the Standard (single-wall isolation) and the Enhanced (double-wall isolation). Your sound booth size, noise isolation requirements, and the preferred optional features will vary depending on your environment, location, and use.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the optional features that can be added to your WhisperRoom order. Many of these add-ons are useful for specific applications and are enjoyed by clients with similar needs. Please keep in mind that Optional Features are additional and priced separately.

Office Desk

This low-profile Office Desk is designed to help you maximize the workspace. Two USB outlets and two 120-volt outlets are conveniently attached to the desk so you can plug straight in.

An Office Desk for a WhisperRoom Sound Booth

The 30″ wide red oak desk is preattached to a backing panel with adjustable hinges. This gives you the flexibility to fold the desk down and make more space in the booth when you decide not to use it.

The desk can be installed on the inside or outside of your WhisperRoom and can be added to your initial order or afterward.

4848 S shown with an office desk

Studio Lights

As with all WhisperRoom™ features, the optional Studio Light series provides maximum flexibility. Dual light systems, LED puck lights for general lighting, and multicolored LED lights for mood/ambiance are all incorporated into this unique design.

WhisperRoom's 29-inch Studio Light shown in blue, purple, light blue, green, yellow, and red LED lights.

The Studio Lights create no noise or heat and can easily be adjusted for desired brightness. Additionally, the multicolored lights can be set to a single color or alternating colors, as well as a variety of other functions using a remote control, which is included.

The Studio Lights, in conjunction with the numerous interior acoustical foam colors now available, provide limitless possibilities. The size and quantity of the Studio Lights included with each booth are determined by the size of the WhisperRoom™.

LENRD® Bass Traps

Control low frequencies inside your WhisperRoom™ with LENRD® Bass Traps. These top-of-the-line bass traps are designed to dampen low-frequency sound energy and help you attain a flatter low frequency inside your booth.

2 LENRD Bass Traps for a WhisperRoom Isolation Booth

Bass traps substantial enough to control nodes have always been expensive to buy, or too intricate and time-consuming to build, but not anymore! LENRD® Bass Traps are extremely effective at smoothing out low-frequency room nodes at an affordable price.

3 Bass Traps shown inside of a WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S.

Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels

Fabric Acoustic Panels make it easy to incorporate acoustics into your décor. Whether it’s for home or work, you’re sure to find a solution to match your needs with Audimute.

Asteroid color Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels shown from the front and back side.

These panels were designed with large-scale applications and high-traffic spaces in mind, ideal for schools and commercial spaces. Each panel is custom cut and wrapped in your fabric choice for a tight border without using a metal frame. This straight-edge fabric finish makes it easy to butt panels next to each other to build your acoustic design to any size.

• Hand-assembled in the USA
• Eco-friendly construction
• Excellent acoustic absorption properties – NRC .95
• Fire-safe materials – class A fire-rated (ASTM E-84)
• Thickness: 1.5″ – Size: 2′ x 4′
• Includes Velcro-backed Hang Tabs & Screws for mounting

Audimute Fabric Acoustic Panels shown inside of a WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S.

Multi Jack Panel (MJP)

The Multi Jack Panel is a standalone optional feature that can be installed on your WhisperRoom after it is assembled.

It is a prewired, jack-panel insert consisting of 2 USB jacks, 4 XLR jacks, and 6 – 1/4″ stereo phono jacks.

The Multi-Jack Panel with 4 xlr inputs and 6 1/4" inputs

Simply thread the cables through a cable passage to reach the interior box. This feature is excellent for audiometric and studio recording applications.

WhisperRoom's Multi Jack Panel shown on the outside of a MDL 4848 S.

Caster Plate

The Caster Plate feature is an additional floor component with wheels to aid in the mobility of a WhisperRoom™. The Caster Plate also provides a substantial amount of downward noise control.

Image of the rolling Caster Plate for a WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Enclosure

It adds additional mass in the downward direction and provides a 4″ air buffer below the WhisperRoom. This feature is highly recommended for applications where low-end, structurally transmitted noise is a problem.

NoteThis option adds five (5) inches to the overall height of a unit and may be purchased at any time. For ease of assembly, however, it is recommended that the Caster Plate is purchased during the initial order.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown with a Caster Plate attached to the bottom of the booth for mobility.


An optional exterior step is now available for situations that require an optional Caster Plate.  The step provides a comfortable transition when stepping up into and out of the WhisperRoom. 

an angled image of a step used for WhisperRoom booths

It is highly recommended that the step be used in conjunction with the optional Caster Plate.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown from the side with an optional Step and Caster Plate.

Height Extension

The WhisperRoom™ is designed to permit installation in residences and facilities with standard ceiling heights (approximately 8′). However, when additional height is required for equipment or application-specific needs, a 10″ height extension upgrade is available.

Image of a WhisperRoom with the Height Extension

Note: Prior to placing your order you should ensure that the host room ceiling height will permit the installation of the Height Extension. Must be specified at initial order.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown from the front with a 10" Height Extension.

Isolation Enhancement Package Floor (IEP Floor)

The IEP floor is a 5/16″ duracoustic mat made of recycled rubber that is included in the Enhanced models or IEP upgrades. It is installed on the floor underneath the WhisperRoom™ floor and provides additional isolation.

Image of the Isolation Enhancement Package Floor for a WhisperRoom

The IEP floor can be purchased for Standard rooms and also is recommended if there is a possibility of upgrading to an Enhanced model at any point in time.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown with a IEP Floor underneath the sound booth. The image also has text that labels the component.

Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS)

Exterior ventilation fans have a 38dB noise rating. This slight noise can be eliminated by positioning each fan into an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS).

WhisperRoom's Exterior Fan Silencer shown open with a fan inside.

The number of EFS units needed depends on the size of the WhisperRoom™ and the number of ventilation systems required. This option may be required when a more controlled sound environment is needed in the host room. 

Note: May be ordered and installed at any time.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown from the back to display the ventilation system with an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS) attached to the sound booth.

Ventilation Silencing System (VSS)

Standard WhisperRoom™ Ventilation Systems are quiet. However, the airflow noise (running at 80 CFM) is still slightly audible inside a WhisperRoom™ sound isolation booth. This noise can be eliminated by the installation of a VSS. The number of VSS units needed depends on the size of the WhisperRoom™ model.

One VSS is required for each Standard Ventilation System.

Each VSS consists of two additional exhaust ducts, with hoses and adapters, linked in line between the standard exhaust duct and the remote fan unit (RFU).

Note: May be ordered at any time.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown with the Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) attached to the back of the sound booth.

HEPA Filter

Our new HEPA filter is easily installed on any WhisperRoom. The unique design allows the ventilation to maintain airflow while blocking out unwanted particles in your booth.

A HEPA Filter for a WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Booth

HEPA filters are incredibly effective at capturing viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, and more.

Note: Includes an additional replacement filter.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown from the back of the unit to display the HEPA Filter attached to the ventilation system of the sound booth.

Wall Windows

Other than size, the design is the same as that of a door window. Each glass unit consists of multiple layers of 1/4″ laminated safety glass separated by an air buffer(s). Safety glass is used because of its superior noise reduction capabilities, and its safety features; if broken, it will not shatter.

8 Various Wall Window sizes for a WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Booth

A window does not reduce the noise reduction capability of a WhisperRoom. However, it does increase the amount of interior reflective surface area. An additional cable passage plug is located at the base of each window component.

*26-Inch wide windows are only available for 42, 60, 84, and 102 Series Models.
*32-Inch wide windows are only available for 48, 72, and 96 Series Models.

Note: Must be specified at initial order.

A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown with four different window sizes on the sound booth.

Wide-Access Door

Any WhisperRoom™ with a 5′ wall or larger can be configured with a Wide-Access Door upgrade. This upgrade is perfect for applications that require the passage of large items into and out of the WhisperRoom™. A ramp system is also available for wheelchair access.

Wide Access Door for a WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Booth

Wide-Access Doors include a 16″ x 48″ window.

Note: Must be specified at the initial order.

A WhisperRoom MDL 7272 S is shown from the front to display the Wide Access Door.

ADA Package

The ADA Package includes the following components needed to allow easy accessibility for people with disabilities: a 32” wide door opening, a 1:12 ratio ramp, a door handle operable with a closed fist, a raised floor, our new “no threshold” door design, and each of the seven available sizes has at least a five-foot interior space for wheelchair maneuverability.

The ADA Package for a WhisperRoom Isolation Booth

All ADA Package sizes will be available in both our single-wall (Standard) and double-wall (Enhanced) versions and will provide comparable noise reduction.

Note: The 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act standards which apply to state & local governments, public accommodations, and commercial facilities state that “the 2010 Standards apply to fixed or built-in elements of buildings, structures, site improvements, and pedestrian routes or vehicular ways located on-site.” Because the WhisperRoom is neither built-in nor a fixed element/structure, there is no technical requirement for the WhisperRoom to comply with the 2010 ADA standards.

Note: Must be specified at initial order.

A WhisperRoom MDL 7272 S is shown from the front to display the ADA package on the sound booth.

We hope this article helped you learn more about the different Optional Features that can be added to your WhisperRoom. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about how WhisperRoom can help you achieve a desirable room for recording, producing, and mixing audio please email

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