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Introducing Your Children to Musical Instruments

By: WhisperRoom™

June 15, 2021

Young girl playing the keyboard

Music is an amazing way to get closer with your children, whether they’re babies or just a little bit older. There’s plenty of research out there that supports the belief that children cultivate musical ability up until they reach the age of approximately 9-11 years old. After they pass this age, it seems that the window for cultivating specific abilities has passed. Therefore, parents must allow children to explore music from an early age.

Here are a few fun ways that you can introduce your child to music, rhythm, and sound while they are still at an early age.

Make Musical Instruments With Your Children

You can start by teaching your children things like rhythm and musical concepts by using everyday objects, and you can even turn it into a fun craft to experiment with.

For instance, an empty tissue box with rubber bands stretched over it can make a simple DIY guitar, or an empty jar filled with beads or beans can be a great shaker. Use your imagination and you will likely come up with all kinds of wonderful homemade musical instruments.

Michael Bonner shows you how to make a rubber band guitar for kids.

Sing to Them

You might not be the greatest singer in the world but singing along with your children is a great way to inspire them towards music. You can start doing this when they’re still an infant that fits in your arms!

Singing is also a great way to make your baby sleep. You can even try rocking them in your arms or a cot while singing to introduce them to the concept of rhythm. Of course, you may continue to sing to them, singing around the home, and even singing together with them as long as they are around.

Teach Them to Whistle

Nowadays, children find the ability to whistle quite pleasant. So, teaching them how to whistle is a good way to actively help them become more involved in music and learn the art of creating melodies. Once you have educated them on the basic positioning of the lips and practiced with them a little more, they will be whistling tunes they learn in no time.

Producing Music Using Virtual Tools

If you are looking for another fun way of introducing your children to musical instruments, one of the best ways to do that is by engaging them in tools and online apps that help a child quickly develop musical knowledge.

This fantastic software is great for introducing your kids to listening by ear, as it challenges them to listen to a sequence of notes and then they try to reproduce the same tone in the exact order by choosing the right notes from the given musical scale. The great advantage of learning via virtual tools is the fact that you have many alternative choices of the place where you want to teach your kid. You can do it at home, in outside settings, coworking spaces, or any space that doesn’t have too many distractions. No matter how much you use online resources, make sure to keep in mind online safety when your kids browse the web.

Let Them Play With Instruments

Consider keeping a music box in your home, filled with different musical instruments that your child can have fun with while playing music with them. Though it does not have to be filled with an expensive type of musical instrument, even instruments like egg shakers and recorders can be a good start.

But if you know you are going to want some relaxation time from your kids practicing, you can make sure that these musical instruments can be put away and brought out as you wish.

And, of course, once your kids start to get a little older and start to show some interest in a particular musical instrument, engaging in music lessons is something they may love.

A boy playing ukulele and a man playing a nylon string guitar together in a room


There are some children’s educational TV programs, many of them feature songs that your children can become familiar with, and it is worth spending some time discovering a few that you may like so that you have something ready to put on whenever you want to.

In her TED Talk, Althea describes four benefits of playing an instrument and shares stories from her real life.

We hope this article has helped to enlighten you when it comes to activities that you and your kid could do together to encourage and introduce them to the world of music and sound.

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