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Maximize your Sound and your Potential

By: WhisperRoom™

June 7, 2017

An 8'x16' WhisperRoom inside the CBC News' broadcast room
image of a whisperroom booth inside of a broadcast studio

Sound is all around us. We hear and process noises that come from traffic, people, electronic devices, and even animals and plants. If you are a musician or involved in the sound industry, you know how even the smallest of noises can have a big effect on your acoustics. General background noise in a typical urban setting ranges between 50 and 70 decibels, which is comparable to the average concentration—loud enough to disrupt any recording session where even the slightest alteration in tone, pitch, or rhythm could have a major impact.

Setting aside a specific place for practicing music or for mixing and engineering sound is an obvious but, nevertheless good, idea. However, working from a modern home or office can make it difficult to achieve the kind of quiet, distraction-free environment you need to get the best sound possible.

Looking for a solution? Consider a sound isolation enclosure or booth. Using a professionally constructed, state-of-the-art sound enclosure allows you to significantly reduce the amount of ambient background noise you hear inside, while also keeping your neighbors happy because the noise leaving the booth is diminished by a significant amount. Having a sound enclosure on hand allows you to quickly and easily access a distraction-free area. Once inside, you can benefit from a secluded, removed environment to focus on your recording.

An enclosure also allows you to handily keep your gear in one place, and keep it set up and ready to go. This saves time because it eliminates having to search for the things you need. And, your enclosure moves with you when you need to relocate to a different location or when you go on tour. To find out more about how sound engineers, testers, audio mixers, and musicians can get the most from their instrument, read this guide on what to include in a music enclosure.. 

At WhisperRoom, Inc., Sound Isolation Enclosures, we have more than a quarter century of experience producing the finest sound isolation enclosures and booths available on the market. We offer a variety of different models, all of which come equipped with a ventilation system; cable passages for audio equipment, electrical cables and computers; acoustic studio foam; and fluorescent lighting. We also offer booths that are handicap accessible in accordance with American Disability Association (ADA) standards.

We also have new packages of features that are available to allow you even more control over the production of your sound. The Acoustic Tuning Package (ATP) features angled deflector panels that attach to perpendicular walls inside a WhisperRoom. You control the direction and pattern of these panels, as it suits your own unique acoustical needs. Components of these panels include acoustical foam sheets, which control mid to high frequencies; Lenrd Bass Traps, which allow management of lower frequencies; and open voids, which provide sound wave entrapment.

Each WhisperRoom comes with a limited five-year warranty from the date of purpose. If you are intrigued by the benefits of a sound isolation enclosure or booth, and you would like to learn more about our products, then call our headquarters at (800) 200-8168 today, or send an e-mail to

Based in Morristown, TN, WhisperRoom, Inc. Sound Isolation Enclosures has been reducing sound to a whisper for our clients across the United States since 1990.

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