Nomadic Notes: Creativity Through Music Production on the Road

Nomadic Notes: Elevating Creativity Through Music Production on the Road

By: WhisperRoom™

April 9, 2024

Tour bus with luggage atop, symbolizing nomadic lifestyle and creativity on the road for music production. Embrace the journey of elevating creativity while traveling.

Music at its core is simply an expression of life. It captures moments, memories, emotions, people, places, patterns, and experiences. As such, ongoing music production requires a broad awareness of life and its intricacies.

While conceptually this seems simple, it is quite stretching for musicians and producers to continually expand their focus to create new expressions of their lives and the lives of those around them. Travel can be the key to unlocking this new creativity in music production.

Travel opens us to new perspectives, emotions, and rhythms. Learn how to harness the inspirational power of travel in your music production by utilizing these practical tips for fostering creativity and getting out on the road.

Get Creative

Creativity is a human characteristic or trait that is largely linked to personality and personal interests. It is defined as the ability to bring into existence something new or valuable. Recent studies indicate that creativity is not only something people are born with but also something they can foster.

Research from a team of scientists published in the Journal of Personality suggests that openness to new experiences generates creative thought. Lead researcher on the study, Dr. Gosia Goclowska explained, “Our study suggests that using the right set of instructions, one that encourages people to embrace novelty and challenge, can lead to increased creativity in nearly everyone.” In this way, embracing newness or novelty can shape our thinking in a way that results in increased creativity.

Travel naturally leads to new and novel things or experiences which makes it an ideal avenue for stimulating creative thought. As a musician or producer, focus on getting creative when touring by having fun and embracing the uniqueness of your surroundings. Take in new cultural, environmental, political, or economic nuances and send them out in a musical expression of the world around you.

Assemble Your Equipment

To embrace the musical benefits of travel, you must start by assembling your gear. Using mobility as the focal point, assess your current music-producing equipment and determine what kind of travel you would like to do. Your goal for traveling, regardless of whether it’s for personal recreation or music touring, will shape how you travel and thereby what kind of production gear you can support.

Assembling the right production equipment for your travels often hinges on buying the right vehicle for touring. There are many pros and cons to consider; you could buy or rent a van or bus. Or as a smaller option, you could modify a truck into your workspace by adding specialized storage units in the bed for production equipment and onboard Wi-Fi for on-the-go music creation. Regardless of what suits your needs best, the size and make of the vehicle you choose will naturally determine what kind of production gear you can transport.

You will need to assemble a version of the following production equipment:

  • Computer
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Audio Interface
  • Monitor Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • MIDI Controller
  • Cables & Plugins

All of this equipment ranges in size, capability, and mobility. Some music producers have found choosing a small, light setup for recording around the world is the way to go while others prefer a semi-stationary setup for music production on the road. In the end, the ideal gear for music production is the gear that best suits you and your style of travel.

Plan for the Unexpected

All travel experiences revolve around managing the unknown and its variables. Exposure to new places and different weather patterns naturally creates more risk than staying in one more predictable location. So, before you start your on-the-road music production, take time to prioritize safety and security.

Pack your vehicle with safety in mind. Have a plan for getting stranded or breaking down outside of cell service or city limits. Some road trip essentials include:

  • Spare Tire
  • Jumper Cables
  • Flashlight
  • Water & Snacks
  • Blanket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Roadside Emergency Kit with Flares or Reflectors
  • Phone Charger
  • Road Map

It is important to note that along with carrying these travel essentials, you should take the time to understand how to use them properly. Familiarize yourself with first aid tips and life hacks such as dressing a wound or reducing swelling and make certain you know where the spare tire is on your current vehicle and how to replace it. Small precautions like these will ensure you have more time and space to enjoy your travels rather than worrying about what to do in an emergency.

In addition to personal safety, you should also consider how you will secure your music and production equipment. Travel with adequate locks and places to conceal expensive production gear out of sight. Also, plan to back up your music on external hard drives that are stored in a safe place away from the elements.

Hit the Road

Finally, get out there and hit the open road. The inspiration that comes through travel can truly only be experienced by taking a risk, getting out there, and experiencing all that this world has to offer.

As a music producer, be sure to stay open to new experiences, assemble the right equipment for the type of music you wish to capture, prepare for the unknown by prioritizing safety, and then simply plunge into a world of new expression and creativity.

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