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Photography Studio Setup Ideas

By: WhisperRoom™

April 6, 2023

Photos are a way that we can chronicle and remember events. Although it has become popular to do your senior or wedding photos outside of a photography studio, it doesn’t make a studio any less important. In this article, we will discuss photo studio ideas and photo sets.

Photo Studio Ideas

Ideas for setting up a photo studio are endless. Also, keep in mind that if you can’t find the right space, you can rent a photography studio.  As a photographer, you have a vision for your photo studio. However, having some ideas for your photo studio setup ideas can’t hurt.

Play with Levels

Use studio boxes to create different levels. In the photography world, a studio box is referred to as an “Apple box”. A variety of levels give your photos an interactive experience for the audience. Apple boxes are generally made of wood. They can be used to adjust the subject’s position or balance equipment. These boxes can be a great addition to compositional elements.

Total Blackout

Are you capturing a product for an ad? Much of the time product pictures are on a white background for sale purposes. However, if you’re using the product as part of an ad or commercial perspective, consider using a dark or black background. This can grab the viewer’s attention.

Tell a Story and Set the Scene

Studio photography gives you options within a controlled environment. Your studio is like a blank canvas. You can do anything you want. If you see any opportunity to tell a story with your photos, then tell it! Add props, backdrops, and colors. Use your creativity.

Be Bold

Play with color. There are many bold, colorful backdrops. Take advantage of these colors and use your creativity. Be careful that your bold backdrops don’t take away from the subject.


There are several ways to enhance portrait photography. First, use bright colors to make your subject “pop”. Another option is a beauty portrait. Because of influencers and social media, beauty portraits are popular and a must for any photography studio. Lastly, if you’re looking for something different and unique, try using a projector. You can shine anything you want on the wall of the photography studio. Keep in mind that using a projector requires a controlled indoor environment.

Shoot Through Objects

Take photos through objects like crystals, flowers, or feathers. Shooting through objects blurs the foreground of your photo. It also gives you beautiful color and texture.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? Using bubbles is another creative way to make an interesting background. Let your subject play with the bubbles and capture them as they do.

Pet Ideas

Pet lovers all know that their animals are just another part of the family. A photo studio is a great place for a dog to catch a treat. You can capture the action without all the other outdoor distractions. Whether your subject is a human or an animal, using light is another option in your studio. Animals only have good sides, so they won’t judge you. Enjoy exploring potential drama in your photoshoots.

Photo Set

Photography is valuable for marketers and businesses. Beautiful photos enhance your website and can draw an audience. People want to see eye-catching photos of your products. In order to shoot good photos, you’ll need some supplies and techniques.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Smartphone

You don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive equipment. Your smartphone can be easily used to shoot beautiful and interesting photos. Newer smartphones have powerful cameras and settings. This will help you optimize the different lighting you may use in your photos.

Use A Tripod for Photo Consistency

It’s essential that you have photo consistency. First, don’t just prop your phone up on something sturdy and attempt to aim the camera toward a subject. It could be easily knocked over or slide around causing your photos to be inconsistent. Rather, place your camera on a stack of books or someplace where the arrangement will not change. As your business grows, you’ll most likely need pictures of new products. Therefore, investing in a tripod will ensure consistency across each product.

Choose Natural or Artificial Light

Lighting is one component that can make or break your photos. Always keep in mind that your photos need to appease your audience. Before purchasing a product, people want to see exactly what they’re getting. One lighting arrangement may not work well for all your products. You’ll need to choose whether or not to use artificial or natural light. Obviously, natural light refers to using the sun as your primary light source, whereas artificial light is using light bulbs, firelight, or candlelight. It’s best to stick with one type of lighting per photo.

Fill or Bounce Your Light to Soften Shadows

When setting up your photography studio, you’ll also need to consider how to lessen shadows. It doesn’t matter whether you use natural or artificial lighting, you’ll always be dealing with shadows.

First, you can use a fill light. This is an additional less intense light to soften the natural shadow your main light produces behind an object. Second, you can use a bounce or reflector card. This is a small card that “reflects” or “bounces” the main light back onto the surface beneath your product to reduce shadows.

Shoot a Variety of Images

Again, customers want to know what they’re getting before they make a purchase. Most products will require more than one photo to really show off the product. You want to shoot your products from a variety of angles. Depending on the product you may need to use models to help you demonstrate the product. If you’re a clothing line, don’t just have photos of the clothing. Add additional photos from many different angles of models wearing the clothes. Not everyone has the same body or skin tone so it would be wise to use people with different physical characteristics as well.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with taking photos outside of a studio. However, a studio is a more controlled environment and can easily be used for marketing. These are just some photography studio ideas. You know your needs so use your imagination and find the best setup that works for you.

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