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Purchasing Royalty-Free Beats Can Benefit a Musician

By: WhisperRoom™

September 25, 2020

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, live stage performer, or a music artist, chances are that at some point in time you will have limited time and budget and you will require new instrumentals. During such situations, purchasing royalty-free beats online is one of the best solutions.

In 2020, the music industry has evolved and there have been major technological advancements that allow musicians to avoid any hassle looking for music producers who charge big bucks for producing beats. Remote music collaboration is changing the industry. You can just hop on the internet train, explore a couple of websites, and purchase the beats that fit your needs.

But then again, you must know if you’re free to use those instrumentals and beats without limitations forever or if the producer of those beats can come and claim ownership. Here are some key points for consideration that will help you understand how purchasing royalty-free beats can benefit a musician.

1. Get the Help of More Skillful Music Producers

Music production involves more than just knowing how to play a few musical instruments and having a great voice. Even though it isn’t rocket science, it is still a form of art that requires passion, talent, and mastering. Many musicians lack music production knowledge, which is why they consider buying royalty-free beats from producers who are more skillful.

2. Quality Work is Important

Buying royalty-free beats brings a lot of benefits to the quality of music you’re making. When producing music, there are a few important factors and parameters that you cannot mess with, and choosing the right beats for your song is one of them. It’s difficult to produce a good song without quality beats.

However, you can easily find quality royalty-free beats on websites all over the internet now. When buying new beats from producers, of course, you will get quality, but be sure that you look for the right option that suits your needs.

3. It is a Cost-Effective Option

Any singer, producer, music artist, or hype man will tell you that the music industry is demanding at times. The life of a music artist is a lot more demanding than what people expect, both mentally and financially. But by purchasing royalty-free beats, you’ll give your wallet a big boost as you will have an opportunity to cut multiple production and post-production costs.

Robert Teegarden explains how music royalties work.

4. Allows You to Avoid Potential Copyright Issues

Easily the most significant reason to seek royalty-free beats, it allows you to avoid any copyright infringement issues. Basically, royalty-free beats mean that once they’re purchased, you have total freedom to use the beats as you like without having to compensate the producers of the beats for using them.

In simpler words, the producer doesn’t have any right to claim earnings from the financial gains you’ve made using those beats.

5. You May Be Able to Claim a Lien on Such Beats

In the majority of the cases, no royal beats need just a one-time payment to make the instrumentals yours forever. This means you can give those beats to a third party and benefit from that, depending on the agreement you’ve had with the producer. Some producers have agreements that grant you the privilege to claim royalties if the beats you’ve purchased are used elsewhere.

6. Keep Your Online Music Accounts Secure

Any music producer who produces beats and sells them online sacrifices a lot of time and money because they know they’ll get royalties on their beats. If you’re a musician who purchases beats from such producers and denies them payments, it may lead to serious consequences for your online music accounts. According to Jesse Neo, owner of the popular beats marketplace, Gemtracks, he advises buyers to check the licensing and distribution legalities before finalizing a purchase.

Music-streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube have strict policies that protect copyrighted materials. They have the right to temporarily close your account, delete your content, or even impose financial penalties if you’re caught violating their policies. In such cases, violation usually means making use of copyrighted beats without having the producer’s permission.

Smart Rapper explains what happens if your song blows up, but you didn’t buy the beat. Check it out!

7. Avoid Court Issues

In one of the most infamous incidents of the music industry, Jay Z and Timbaland were sued by an Egyptian for using certain flute notes in their 1999 hit single ‘Big Pimpin’ that were similar to the ones he produced in 1957. Timbaland had paid $100,000 for these beats to EMI Music Arabia, but he didn’t seek the family’s permission for using those beats.

Avoiding such scenarios is easy. All you have to do is choose royalty-free beats. As a musician, you should always keep this in mind that people are after easy money. For example, music producers could sue you even after you’ve paid for royalties.

In contrast, choosing royalty-free beats will mean that no one can sue you for royalties as there aren’t any royalties attached to the beats.

8. Seeking Owners’ Permission Can Be Taxing

As a musician, you are always running behind answers to questions about owners’ permissions. Whom should you seek permission from once you’ve purchased beats that have royalties attached to them? Is it possible to know whether the person who is claiming to own the beat is actually the one who deserves the royalties?

The truth is that you simply cannot get all the answers conclusively. This is true, especially for those people who’ll come with weak claims because such people are just after your money.

In contrast, purchasing royalty-free beats will free you of any shenanigans. You will no longer have to research about people’s claims to royalties because there wouldn’t be any royalties to claim.

9. Wisely Spend Your Time

Having a career in the music industry is very fulfilling as it helps you live out your dreams to the fullest. As a musician, you should look to spend as much time as possible making music and having fun. However, using beats with royalties attached can massively impede your progress. You would end up spending your time looking for information about who owns the rights to the beats and how to come to a mutual agreement with them.

You can avoid all this hassle by just purchasing royalty-free beats and being under no obligation to pay royalties to anyone for using the beats.

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