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WhisperRoom™ and Groupon Offer the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

By: WhisperRoom™

June 10, 2019

a recliner, tv, guitar, and mini fridge set up inside of a soundproof WhisperRoom man cave

Father’s Day is right around the corner and WhisperRoom™ has partnered with Groupon for the chance to gift your dad with an unusually spectacular present. Reward your old man with a $60,000 soundproof man cave so he can escape the real world and spend time relaxing without any disturbances.

a sound proof WhisperRoom™ mancave set up on hardwood floor inside of a home
The custom made $60,000 WhisperRoom Man Cave

What Does the Soundproof WhisperRoom™ Man Cave Include?

The $60,000 package deal is fully furnished and includes a double-walled system for the highest level of noise reduction available, remote-controlled studio lights, a ventilation system, a lock to ensure privacy, and the following items:

• 8′ x 10′ double-walled MDL 96120 E WhisperRoom™ Isolation Booth

• 32″ ADA accessible door, raised floor, and exterior ramp

• Acoustic Tuning Package (ATP)

• Three Enhanced Windows (32″ x 42″)

• 65″ 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

• Power Recliner

• 2.1-channel 300W Soundbar System with a wireless sub woofer

• 3.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator

• Memorabilia of favorite college or professional sports team

• Side Table

• Professional Installation

The Perfect Gift for Dad and His Well-Being

We know it’s hard to put a price on your dad’s health, but this $60,000 fully furnished sound isolation man cave might be the long-term remedy to help lower his daily stress level. Studies have shown that personal well-being is highly correlated with the environment that people experience when they get home. Additionally, “stress is what stops most people from getting the results they want in life, says entrepreneur Arman Sadeghi. “As stress increases — the human body changes. Hormone levels change and success becomes much harder. Of course, this then further increases stress, so it’s an unfortunate cycle that feeds itself.” Help stop the cycle of chronic stress with a gift that’s designed to provide an oasis for entertainment and will last for years. The booth is also completely portable so he will never have to worry about parting ways with the room.

So gift your dad with a soundproof space where he can work on his hobbies, kick back with a cold beverage, or spend time watching his favorite teams fight it out on the big screen. Unlike the typical Father’s Day gift of a tie or new golf club, this soundproof man cave is something he can look forward to using every day of the year.

Image by Hannah Edgman.

Visit the Groupon Father’s Day Gift Shop

If you don’t have a spare $60,000 laying around but still want to help your dad relax on Father’s Day, don’t worry. Groupon has a number of ways that you can help your dad get some leisure time. View their complete Groupon Father’s Day gift shop here.

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