Transforming Sound Isolation in Education and Beyond

Transforming Sound Isolation in Education and Beyond

By: WhisperRoom™

December 6, 2023

Image depicting a spacious WhisperRoom sound isolation booth seamlessly integrated into an open floor layout. The WhisperRoom serves as a focal point, offering controlled sound environment amidst a versatile space, symbolizing the transformation of sound isolation in education and beyond.

In the world of audio and sound, clarity and quiet are king. Enter WhisperRoom, the versatile solution designed to meet a wide array of sound isolation needs. From music schools to private studio areas in libraries, WhisperRoom offers a sanctuary for sound. Ideal for recording, practicing, or any activity where sound isolation is key, our booths provide a customizable, sound-controlled environment.

Challenges in Traditional Music Programs

Traditional music programs, whether in schools, colleges, or community centers, often grapple with a set of common, yet daunting challenges. Space constraints are a frequent issue, especially in urban settings where every square foot counts. Additionally, the inherent nature of music education – with multiple instruments and voices in use simultaneously – can lead to significant noise issues. This not only affects the quality of learning for students but can also be a source of disturbance to others in the vicinity. The need for a solution that addresses these challenges effectively is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Photograph displaying a 6' x 8' WhisperRoom sound isolation booth placed within a music lab. The booth is adjacent to a recording desk located outside of the booth, illustrating an ideal setup for recording and sound isolation in a music laboratory environment.

WhisperRoom Solutions

This is where WhisperRoom steps in as a game-changer. By offering sound isolation booths in a variety of sizes, WhisperRoom tackles the issue of space constraints head-on. You can install these booths in existing spaces, transforming even small or underutilized areas into effective practice or recording areas.

More importantly, the sound isolation capabilities of WhisperRooms allow for the simultaneous use of multiple booths near each other without sound interference. This dramatically improves the learning environment, allowing students to practice or record without external noise distractions and without disturbing others. The result is a more focused, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience.

Beyond Music Education

The utility of a WhisperRoom extends well beyond the realm of music education. In the world of audio post-production, for instance, the controlled sound environment provided by WhisperRoom is invaluable. It allows for clear, precise editing and mixing, free from external noise interference.

Libraries can also benefit greatly from adding a WhisperRoom to their space. In these traditionally quiet spaces, WhisperRooms can serve as private study or research areas, or even as spaces for digital content creation, such as podcasting or vlogging. The versatility of a WhisperRoom makes it an ideal solution for a variety of settings where you desire sound isolation or control.

Image depicting a room within a music program setting, featuring a small WhisperRoom corner model located in the right-hand corner. Multiple music editing stations are visible along the walls outside the sound booth, showcasing a dynamic environment for music education and sound isolation.
Photograph capturing a music production classroom scene. A teacher and a student are seated at audio editing stations positioned outside of a spacious WhisperRoom sound isolation booth. Inside the booth, a female student is actively recording vocals, while the individuals outside observe the session through a window, creating an interactive and collaborative music learning experience.

26 Sound Booth Sizes

Our range of 26 different sound booth sizes vividly reflects our commitment to versatility and customization. This extensive selection caters to a wide spectrum of needs and spaces, ranging from compact single-person booths to larger configurations designed for group activities.

The smaller booths are perfect for individual practice sessions, vocal recordings, or podcasting, fitting snugly even in limited spaces like small music classrooms. On the other end of the spectrum, the larger booths offer enough space for ensemble rehearsals, group recordings, or collaborative projects, making them ideal for music schools, professional studios, and community centers. This diversity in size ensures that there is a WhisperRoom solution for virtually every need and setting.

A WhisperRoom MDL 96144 S shown angled from the outside with the door closed.
The WhisperRoom 3.5' x 3.5' Office Booth Packages shown from the exterior with door open.
An Enhanced (double-walled) WhisperRoom MDL 4872 E shown from the outside with the door open.

Two Levels of Isolation

WhisperRoom’s innovative design comes in two distinct levels of sound isolation, catering to a diverse range of needs and environments.

The Standard (single-wall isolation) model offers a significant reduction in sound transmission, making it an ideal choice for general practice sessions, music lessons, or any activity where a basic level of sound control is beneficial. It’s particularly suited for environments where moderate sound reduction is sufficient, such as in educational settings or private studios.

A top down diagram of WhisperRoom's Standard (Single-Wall) Isolation.

On the other hand, the Enhanced (double-wall isolation) model takes sound isolation to the next level. The double-wall construction of this model specifically caters to scenarios where superior sound isolation is crucial. This model excellently fits professional recording, detailed audio editing, or any situation that requires minimizing external noise interference to the greatest extent possible. Professional recording studios, research facilities, and high-end music education programs, where pristine sound quality is non-negotiable, particularly favor this model.

A top down diagram of WhisperRoom's Enhanced (Double-Wall) Isolation.

Upgrade possibility

One of the most appealing aspects of WhisperRoom’s design is its adaptability. Recognizing that needs can evolve, WhisperRoom offers the flexibility to upgrade from the Standard to the Enhanced model. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who may initially require a basic level of sound isolation but anticipate a future need for more advanced sound control.

The design of the upgrade process is seamless, allowing users to enhance their sound isolation capabilities without investing in an entirely new booth. This adaptability makes WhisperRoom a future-proof investment in sound isolation.

Optional Features

WhisperRoom’s commitment to providing tailored sound isolation solutions is evident in our extensive range of over a dozen customizable features. We design each feature to enhance the functionality and user experience of the booths. Among these options, certain features stand out for their popularity and relevance in educational and professional musical environments.

ADA Package

Inclusivity and accessibility are at the forefront of WhisperRoom’s design philosophy, embodied in the optional ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Package. This feature is crucial so the WhisperRoom can be accessible to users with disabilities, making it a versatile choice for public institutions like schools and libraries, as well as private studios committed to inclusivity. The ADA Package includes a wide-access door, a ramp, and an elevated interior floor to provide a no-threshold entrance. This package allows every individual, regardless of mobility or physical ability, to utilize the space

Image showcasing a spacious WhisperRoom equipped with the ADA Package. The photograph features a wheelchair on the ramp and highlights the wide access door, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Acoustic Treatment

Sound quality is paramount in a sound isolation booth, and WhisperRoom offers a variety of treatment options. These treatments fine-tune the acoustics within the booth, reducing reverberation and controlling sound reflections. This results in a clearer, more precise sound environment, which is essential for activities like recording, broadcasting, or critical listening. Whether it’s for a budding musician perfecting their craft or a professional producing high-quality recordings, the acoustical treatment options shape the sound within a WhisperRoom to meet the highest standards.

Image displaying Acoustic Treatment options for a WhisperRoom, including bass traps, acoustic studio foam, and fabric acoustic panels, enhancing sound quality and control within the sound isolation booth.

Wall Windows and Height Extension

WhisperRoom’s optional features address additional aspects of visibility and spaciousness. You can incorporate wall windows to create a more open, less claustrophobic environment and allow for visual communication between the booth user and those outside. These features are particularly beneficial in educational settings or recording studios where visual cues are an integral part of the process. Additionally, the option for height extension is available, providing extra headroom which is especially useful for activities that require standing, such as playing certain instruments or conducting standing vocal performances. These options add an extra layer of comfort and functionality to the WhisperRoom, making it an even more adaptable solution for a wide range of uses.

Photograph showcasing a WhisperRoom featuring Wall Windows and a Height Extension, offering increased visibility and spaciousness within the sound isolation booth.


A thoughtfully designed ventilation system, a key component of the WhisperRoom experience, creates a comfortable and safe environment for extended use. This ingeniously crafted system maintains a steady flow of fresh air, crucial for both comfort and concentration during long sessions.

The booth pulls in fresh air from the bottom and efficiently expels warm air from the top, creating a continuous cycle of air circulation. This design not only keeps the air inside the booth fresh but also helps maintain a consistent temperature, making it comfortable for users even during prolonged periods of use. The system operates quietly and does not compromise sound isolation.

Ventilation Add-Ons

Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, WhisperRoom offers additional ventilation options to further enhance the air quality and comfort inside the booths. One such option is the integration of HEPA filters, which are particularly beneficial in settings where air purity is paramount, such as in sensitive recording environments or locations with an amount of dust or allergens. These filters keep the air inside the booth clean and healthy, providing peace of mind for users with allergies or respiratory concerns.

Another add-on is the roof-mounted ventilation system, which offers an alternative setup for air circulation. This option can be particularly useful in scenarios where space constraints require a different approach to air management. Both of these add-ons underscore WhisperRoom’s commitment to creating a comfortable, healthy, and adaptable environment for all its users.

Image depicting a HEPA Filter integrated into the ventilation system of a WhisperRoom, ensuring clean and purified air circulation within the sound isolation booth.
Photograph displaying an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS) integrated into the ventilation system of a WhisperRoom, reducing noise levels and ensuring efficient airflow.
Image featuring a Ventilation Silencing System connected to the ventilation of a WhisperRoom. Additionally, a remote control for the fan is also shown, highlighting noise reduction and convenient airflow management.

The WhisperRoom Advantage

When considering sound isolation solutions, the cost is a significant factor, and here, WhisperRoom presents a compelling advantage over traditional buildouts. Soundproofing construction can be prohibitively expensive, often involving extensive renovations, permanent structural changes, and significant material costs.

In contrast, WhisperRoom offers a cost-effective alternative. The modular design of these booths allows for installation in existing spaces without the need for costly construction work. This not only makes WhisperRoom a more budget-friendly option upfront but also reduces long-term costs associated with permanent structural changes, such as increased property taxes or higher insurance rates.

Ease of Assembly and Relocation

Another key advantage of WhisperRoom is its ease of assembly and the potential for relocation. Designed for relative ease of assembly, WhisperRooms require minimal tools and no specialized construction skills, unlike permanent constructions. This DIY-friendly approach saves on installation costs and time.

Furthermore, the modular nature of these booths allows for their disassembly and relocation as needed. This flexibility is invaluable for institutions that change layout or location, as it allows them to adapt their sound isolation solutions without additional major investments.

Photograph portraying WhisperRoom components neatly staged against a wall, showcasing their readiness for assembly. This image exemplifies the ease of assembling a WhisperRoom within an existing space.

Improved Learning Environment

In educational settings, WhisperRoom has a profound impact on the learning environment. The sound isolation it provides creates a focused and distraction-free space, essential for effective learning and practice in music education. Students can practice or record without fearing to disturb others, and likewise, external noises do not distract them.

This level of sound control particularly benefits group settings, where you can use multiple booths simultaneously without noise interference. The result is an environment that fosters concentration, encourages practice and ultimately enhances the educational experience for both students and educators.

Image displaying GCU's recording lab, highlighting a room filled with WhisperRooms. Faculty members are engaged in conversation with visitors during a tour, showcasing the versatile use of WhisperRooms in the educational environment.
Photograph capturing a different angle of GCU's recording lab, featuring a guitarist inside one of the WhisperRooms with all unit doors open. This scene showcases active music practice and recording within the sound isolation booths.

How We Can Assist

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our team is not just about making sales; we’re about building relationships and helping every client find the perfect sound isolation solution for their needs.

From initial inquiry to post-purchase support, our dedicated staff is there to guide, assist, and resolve any questions. We understand that investing in a WhisperRoom is a significant decision, and our goal is to make the process as smooth and reassuring as possible. Our responsiveness, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction reflect our excellence in customer service.

Sizing and Configuration Recommendations

Choosing the right WhisperRoom can be daunting, given the variety of sizes and configurations available. This is where our experienced staff comes in. They are adept at understanding your specific needs and recommending the most suitable size and configuration. Whether it’s for a compact home studio, a music school, or a quiet corner of the library, we help you navigate through the options to find a booth that fits your space, budget, and purpose perfectly.

Floorplan Layouts and CAD Renderings

To aid in the decision-making process, we offer detailed floorplan layouts and CAD renderings. These tools are invaluable in visualizing how a WhisperRoom will fit into your existing space. They provide a clear picture of the booth’s footprint, helping to plan for optimal placement and usage. We tailor this service to each client’s unique space and requirements, showing a visualization of the WhisperRoom in your environment.

CAD Renderings

Our CAD renderings are not just theoretical designs; they are practical visualizations based on actual floorplans. By providing examples based on real-world layouts, we show how you can integrate WhisperRooms into your space and how they can coexist with other elements in the room.

Top-down view of an architectural floor plan, offering a detailed layout of room dimensions and spatial arrangement.
Top-down view of a CAD-rendered floor plan featuring strategically placed WhisperRooms, demonstrating the integration of sound isolation booths within the layout.
Realistic 3D rendering of a floor plan showcasing multiple WhisperRooms, offering a visually immersive representation of the spatial arrangement.

Flexibility in Planning

We understand that not everyone has professional architectural floorplans at their disposal. That’s why our team can work with a range of inputs, from detailed architectural drawings to simple hand-drawn diagrams. No matter what your starting point is, we can assist in planning the perfect sound isolation setup.

Hand-drawn diagram illustrating the floor space layout of a room, providing a visual representation of the room's dimensions and design.
Top-down CAD drawing overlaying a hand-drawn room diagram with strategically placed WhisperRooms and marked dimensions, offering a comprehensive visual representation of the spatial arrangement and booth placement.
Three-dimensional rendering of the room plan featuring WhisperRooms, providing a lifelike visualization of the spatial layout and booth placements.

Delivery & Installation

We prioritize a quick and efficient shipping process. Most orders are ready to ship within 48 hours of purchase, allowing your sound isolation solution to be on its way without unnecessary delays. This swift turnaround time is part of our commitment to providing not just a quality product, but also exceptional service.

Packaging Details

We meticulously package each WhisperRoom to make sure it arrives in pristine condition. We individually box the components, paying careful attention to protect each element during transit. These boxes are then strategically stacked on a pallet and securely shrink-wrapped, safeguarding your investment throughout the journey. This thorough packaging process reflects our dedication to quality at every step.

Image displaying a WhisperRoom prepared for shipment: A pallet wrapped in red shrink-wrap containing individual boxed components ready for delivery.
Photograph capturing a palletized WhisperRoom order loaded onto the rear of an open semi-truck for transportation.
Image featuring a palletized WhisperRoom order placed next to the front of a business, awaiting further handling.

Delivery Process

Upon delivery, customers can expect a well-organized and straightforward process. The palletized components are delivered via semi-truck, and we provide clear communication regarding delivery schedules and requirements. While the delivery includes curbside service, customers should plan for assistance in moving the components to their desired location, as some parts are quite heavy.

Easy to Assemble

No specialized skills are needed during the assembly process – just some basic tools and a bit of your time. Watch the assembly example below to get a better idea of what to expect.


WhisperRoom offers a range of pricing options to accommodate different budgets and requirements. The Standard (single-wall) models range from $5,545 to $22,375, while the Enhanced (double-wall) models are priced between $8,895 and $39,640. These price ranges reflect the variety of sizes and the level of sound isolation each model provides.

Optional Features Pricing

It’s important to note that optional features, such as the ADA Package, acoustic treatment add-ons, and ventilation upgrades are priced separately. This allows you to customize your WhisperRoom to your exact needs and budget.

Shipping Costs

Shipping expenses vary based on the size of the booth and the delivery location. All orders ship from East Tennessee and shipping rates are based on the location of the final destination and freight weight. We strive to provide the most cost-effective and reliable shipping options for our customers, and detailed shipping costs will be provided during the purchasing process.

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