VO Tips From Bill DeWees: 3 Easy Ways to Sound Better | Part One | WhisperRoom™

VO Tips From Bill DeWees: 3 Easy Ways to Sound Better | Part One

By: WhisperRoom™

May 11, 2021

Bill DeWees inside of a WhisperRoom giving tips to sound better when doing voice overs

WhisperRoom™ is a proud sponsor of professional voice over artist and coach, Bill DeWees. His YouTube channel is full of insightful content to help new voice over artists learn the ropes, everything from picking your first mic to landing VO jobs and getting paid.

3 Easy Ways to Sound Better

Bill DeWees shares his expertise about getting your mindset right when performing behind the mic. The more confident you are behind the microphone, the easier it will be to win auditions and have a better overall sound.

Watch the video below to learn a few simple methods that you can immediately apply and start sounding better.

Key #1: Identify the Problem

When you try to speak perfectly all the time, it comes across as “talking at people” rather than “talking to people”. Talking at people is one of the surest ways not to get hired. People don’t trust people who are perfect.

Key #2: What is Our Goal?

The goal is to be believed. You’ll never “sound good enough” to be believed.

Key #3: Must Have Feeling

You must have some sort of emotion. Whether it’s excitement, fear, anxiety, passion, or love – whatever it is – your audience has to feel something when they hear you. Otherwise, they don’t believe you. Additionally, the only way your audience will feel something is if you feel it first.

Learn More from Bill DeWees

Bill DeWees has been a professional voice over artist, coach, and demo producer for 15 years. In addition to recording voice work for hundreds of the world’s best-known brands, he also runs a coaching program (The VO Blueprint) to help other voice actors start and build their own successful voice over business. To learn more about the program, book a call here: https://bit.ly/bill-sp-k1

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