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HGTV host and DIY expert, Chip Wade, shares some of his favorite tools for virtual learning on a Fox & Friends morning segment.
Check out this video where WhisperRoom gets the spotlight by NewsWatch Television! Get behind the scenes with us and learn more about what WhisperRoom can do for you.
A detailed look into one of our unbeatable WhisperRoom models. The Acoustic Tuning Package provides optimum soundwave entrapment while the Studio Lights refresh the backdrop.
TheAttack showing off their new WhisperRoom control booth!
Watch as two highly trained…well, Tommy G and Shane attempt to put together the infamous “Whisper Room”
Here’s a demonstration of just how good a WhisperRoom is! Outside the booth, there’s quite a bit of echo and background room noise. Inside the booth is another story entirely. The background noise and echo are gone. Pay attention to the clap test too!
It’s noisy outside today, so I thought I’d show you how effective a whisper room can be.
Lij Shaw got to stop by WhisperRoom headquarters to take the full factory tour. Thanks for hanging out with us!
This video features Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta, The Memorials, Suicidal Tendencies) on drums, who may very well be the most insane drummer we’ve ever witnessed.
Downtown LA was buzzing with excitement as thousands of fans, media and celebrities descended upon LA Live for the red carpet world premiere of “The Hunger Games”!
We didn’t get a chance to interview the folks at WhisperRoom but we did catch a few show attendees testing it out.
How lucky are you? You get a personal audition from Ed Victor, one of the country’s top voice over pros!
Whisper Room shows Trilogy Tech Talk it’s newest booths during NAB. Whisper Room’s sound isolation booths significantly reduce ambient and acoustic noise.
What A Wonderful World (Cover) recorded by Harbor Springs Shay Elementary 4th Graders, 2019. Special thanks to the school’s donors for providing a WhisperRoom™ and music lab!
Audio professional Aaron Brown evaluates the isolation levels of his WhisperRoom™ and shows us a look at the room getting assembled.
Escaping the noise of NAMM 2020 with Lij Shaw from Recording Studio Rockstars while taking a look at the MDL 4872 E.