How WhisperRooms Have Helped Voice Actors, Musicians, & Universities WhisperRoom, Inc.™

How WhisperRooms Have Helped Voice Actors, Musicians, & Universities

By: WhisperRoom™

February 28, 2023

Featured image for the blog post "How WhisperRooms Have Helped Voice Actors, Musicians, and Other Professionals" showing various clients using their WhisperRooms.

If you’re a musician, voice actor, or another type of creative professional, you know how important it is to have a quiet, high-quality space to work in. That’s where WhisperRooms come in: our sound isolation enclosures are designed to create a virtually silent environment, allowing you to record or perform without any unwanted noise or distractions.

But don’t just take our word for it – in this blog post, we’re sharing real success stories from satisfied WhisperRoom customers who have achieved impressive results thanks to their WhisperRooms. From musicians who need a place for practice to voice actors who landed big gigs thanks to the high-quality audio they were able to achieve, these customers demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of WhisperRooms in a variety of settings.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your creative career, we hope these stories will inspire you to consider using a WhisperRoom to take your work to the next level. So without further ado, let’s hear from some of our satisfied clients and learn how WhisperRooms have helped them achieve their goals.

Voice Over Clients

“As a voice over artist, working from home, the WhisperRoom MDL 4242 S has been an inspiration to work in. I never thought a fuzzy big box could be sexy, but it is. It truly cuts out all of the ambient noise that is a must for clean, studio-quality vocals. This is truly the #GoldBar standard in audio recordings. Extremely well built (like a tank) and with the wheel package, I’m able to easily move it around. I also received the deluxe ventilation system, which provides silent comfort when spending a lot of time in the aforementioned fuzzy sexy box.

A lot of engineering went into this system and I’m extremely proud to own such a coveted, iconic, and industry-standard product, that yells, “Professional” to which, no one can hear me outside of it because of the supreme sound isolation properties that the WhisperRoom has provided. Thank You WhisperRoom for creating this.”

Glen – Voiceover Artist |

An image of red studio light and microphone inside of a WhisperRoom vocal booth
Iglen Studios’ MDL 4242 S


Bill Gaines WhisperRoom inside of his home voice over studio.
Bill Gaines’ MDL 4872 E

“I’m a VoiceOver Actor and the sound quality of my recording booth is EVERYTHING! Well … a little talent helps too. LOL

I recently purchased a WhisperRoom Model 4872 E. My clients immediately noticed the difference in the quality of my recordings. I had the best sound engineer on the West Coast, George Whittam (AKA: Georgethetech), check my floor noise before creating new presets for my microphones after using only the sound treatment material that came with my booth. He said this was the best-sounding booth he has checked to date! He was very impressed with how quiet the air ventilation system was when on. He really couldn’t hear anything! The people at WhisperRoom were incredibly friendly and answered all my questions making my purchase easy. If you’re a VoiceOver Actor, Actor, Actress, or musician considering making an investment in a recording booth, getting a WhisperRoom is without question the way to go!!!”

Bill Gaines – Voiceover Actor |


“I’m a narrator and voice actress, and I needed something to help me produce better sound quality for my recordings. I live on a street that can have a lot of traffic noise during certain parts of the day, and I went to WhisperRoom to see if they had something that could help with the problem.

I’m happy to say that the product is exactly what I wanted and needed. I got the single wall and it makes a huge difference though I might upgrade to the double wall eventually.

Everyone at WhisperRoom was a joy to work with. They were friendly and helpful at every step of the process.

Lastly, the quality of the WhisperRoom is much better than what I’d expected. Very high quality with easy instructions. Others in the VO industry told me that WhisperRooms were great if you could afford them. I’d recommend finding a way to afford one. They’re worth every cent. :)”

Joanna Teljeur – Voice Actress |

Home Recording Studios & Musician Clients

“I love my new WhisperRoom and it features prominently in my studio.

I run my Nashville studio remotely from Northern California. This means I unlock the doors, turn on the lights, let in the session musicians and singers, and run the studio computer all via the internet.

You’ll notice Wyze video cameras both inside and outside the booth so I know where everyone is during the session.

Thanks for a great product!”

A WhisperRoom MDL 4260 S, a drum kit, and acoustic treatment behind the drums inside of a home recording studio.
Cliff Goldmacher’s MDL 4260 S

Cliff Goldmacher – Songwriter, Music Producer, & Educator |


A WhisperRoom inside of a home recording studio, sitting next to a rack of guitars and a microphone.
Todd’s MDL 4872 S

“As a solo hobbyist who writes and records only when time and life permits, my WhisperRoom was truly the missing puzzle piece in my home recording studio.

Whereas previously I could only make noise in consideration of my family and neighbors, I can now crank my guitars as loud as I want, whenever I want without disturbing a soul.

With the newfound freedom to work whenever inspiration strikes, the speed of writing & recording my next album has increased dramatically.

The visibility allows me to actually work the computer from inside with a wireless mouse & keyboard (the TV mounted on the control room wall can be pulled out and viewed from inside the room).

I have no one to help me with anything when I record, yet I’m able to play all roles myself with this setup and still get the job done. It’s just about perfect.”

Todd Friscia – Guitarist & Composer | Artist Facebook Page


Brett Ryan Stewart of Wirebird Productions produces artists that have gone on to be nominated for International Grammys, as well as curate music for TV & Film.

Some projects include Netflix’s Queer Eye, American Ninja Warrior, Microsoft, & Heineken.

He uses his WhisperRoom for everything from vocals to drums.

A violin player recording inside of a WhisperRoom MDL 6084 S with green lighting.
Wirebird Productions’ MDL 6084 S

Brett Ryan Stewart – Producer, Engineer, Songwriter |

“I’m a musician that lived in a free-standing house for 25 years. When we moved into our current house, with shared walls, all of a sudden I could no longer play at any hour. My neighbors made that very clear!

Thank goodness for the WhisperRoom! Now I’m just getting started at midnight and no one minds a bit. I’m thrilled! The quality of this item is excellent.

Sarah Smith helped me to select the right product down to every option and detail. She took me through the delivery process, and cheerfully answered every question I posed. Sarah made the whole process a pleasure and I’m grateful for her dedication and professionalism.”

Jay Friedman's WhisperRoom MDL 4260 E inside of his home's basement.
Jay Friedman’s MDL 4260 E

Jay Friedman – Trombonist & Conductor |


The interior of Kevin Thomason's WhisperRoom MDL 8484 with drums and a mixing board on the interior.
Kevin Thomason’s MDL 8484 S

“I’ve had a WhisperRoom (7’x7′) up and running for about a year now. It easily contains my drums and a mixing rack (single bass, double pedal, 7-piece).

It reduces the sound enough to prevent disturbing everyone in the house and at my neighbor’s house (only a few feet away).

It is not soundproof, so the interior doors should be closed. But if they are, no one has to turn up the TV.

The experience with the company was wonderful, as Jill managed everything patiently as I juggled the sizes and options and asked crazy questions (like, can I put it outside? No.).

It’s nice to go into a dedicated, professional space and practice or record almost any time of the day or night.”

Kevin Thomason – Drummer


“This WhisperRoom allows me to have the dedicated, professional home studio space of my dreams without interrupting the entire house.

Before the WhisperRoom, I had to schedule time away from the family and work on productions during specific windows of time. Now I can work on client productions and my own music 24/7/365.

With less than 30dB of room noise even with the AC and computers on, production quality has increased and so has creative output!

Thanks, WhisperRoom, for having such amazing products.”

Matt Goodwin's WhisperRoom filled with recording gear, guitars, a producer's desk, and more equipment.
Mattimus‘ WhisperRoom MDL 96144 S

Mattimus – Artist, Producer, Audio Engineer |

Universities & Colleges

Kennesaw State University's WhisperRoom at their campus
Kennesaw State University’s MDL 7296 S
A soundproof booth and a sofa in a production studio at Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw State University’s MDL 7296 S

The College of Professional Education (CPE) at Kennesaw State University (KSU) purchased a WhisperRoom model MDL 7296 S back in early February of 2020.

We needed a sound booth for our instructors to record voice-over PowerPoint lectures in order to take many of our face-to-face classes into a hybrid format. This means that up to 50% of the class meetings could be done at home by the learners at their own pace. We set a lofty goal of turning ten courses into hybrids by August. This was going to be a Herculean effort, and the WhisperRoom was going to play a huge role.

CPE is located in the shell of an old mall, and our sound booth was going to be installed in a small room on a busy, back corridor. So, we needed good, solid sound abatement. The MDL 7296 S fit all the requirements for size and abatement, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our purchase.

The modular room arrived in mid-February, and we were able to install it quickly so that we could get up and running.

We were able to have two recording sessions with instructors, and then the world changed. In mid-March, Covid-19 caused us to shut down operations for two weeks.

Starting back up was going to be difficult since our instructors are not able to operate the sound booth on their own. So, we needed a technician to assist them. And with the confined space in a sound booth, we were sure that the lack of ability to practice social distancing during these recording sessions would cause our hybrid project to stall.

Thankfully, our Associate Director of Instructional Design, Dale Suffridge, realized that he could use his MacBook laptop outside the booth to wirelessly control the iMac that was inside the booth. That way, Dale and the instructor could be separated and safe!

The recording sessions restarted at the beginning of April. And by the end of June, over 550 individual, mini-lectures (ranging from 3-10 minutes each) had been recorded! So, in just a few months, CPE was able to meet its goal of completing 10 hybrid courses, using over 550 mini-lectures recorded in the WhisperRoom sound booth, ALL during a worldwide pandemic!!

Thank you, WhisperRoom for a great product, great service, and having great people. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Dale Suffridge – Associate Director of Instructional Design, CPE |


“The GCU Recording Studio features three professional studios and three large rehearsal rooms.

Studio A is comprised of a 1,466-square-foot live recording room, four isolation rooms, and a 1,100-square-foot control room, in addition to a wealth of instruments and amplifiers. Studio B may be used for post-production, mixdown, sound design, audio for video editing, overdubs, voiceovers, and smaller recording projects.

Studio A’s spacious control room features a 16-channel inline recording console and enough room to accommodate up to 30 guests. 50 musicians can be recorded in the live recording room, and the three rehearsal rooms can each accommodate up to eight musicians plus all of their instruments. All spaces have double-wall construction with two layers of drywall and acoustic paneling to absorb acoustics and prevent sound leakage.”

A student at GCU recording a podcast inside of their WhisperRoom MDL 7296 E sound booth.
Podcasting in GCU’s MDL 7296 E
GCU's recording lab showing 4 WhisperRooms inside of a large room at the university.
4 WhisperRooms in GCU’s Recording Lab
Inside of one of the WhisperRoom's at GCU.
Inside GCU’s MDL 96192 E

GCU Recording Studio and Rehearsal Rooms |

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these success stories from satisfied WhisperRoom customers who have achieved impressive results thanks to their sound isolation enclosures.

If you’re interested in learning more about WhisperRooms and how they can benefit your work, we encourage you to reach out to our team or explore our range of sound booth models. Whether you’re recording music, recording voiceovers, conducting meetings or presentations, or simply need a quiet space to focus, we believe that a WhisperRoom can help you achieve your creative goals.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing your own story in the future!

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