New WhisperRoom Features and Models Now Available

New WhisperRoom Features and Models

By: WhisperRoom™

June 30, 2016

An angled view of a 8'x10' WhisperRoom sound isolation booth

New Sound Booth Models

WhisperRoom, Inc. continues to establish itself as the elite provider of sound isolation enclosures. Six new models have recently been debuted, bringing our total to 26. The following models are now available in both standard and enhanced versions: MDL 4896 (4’X8’), MDL 9696 (8′ x 8′), MDL 96120 (8′ x 10′), MDL 96144 (8′ x 12′), MDL 96168 (8′ x 14′) and MDL 96192 (8′ x 16′).

We’ve also introduced two exciting, new optional features:

Elevated Floor Package

image of the Elevated Floor Package in a WhisperRoom booth

The Elevated Floor Package raises the interior floor surface of any WhisperRoom where it becomes level with the threshold of the door. This is a safety feature that significantly limits the risk of tripping on the door threshold when entering or exiting the WhisperRoom. This feature also provides even easier wheelchair access. Each EFP consists of a series of carpeted floor tiles, each of which is 4 inches thick—increasing the quality of sound isolation in the downward direction. Installation can occur at any time and does not require any tools. The EFP can be ordered with any WhisperRoom.

Acoustic Tuning Package

image of studio foam on wall panels

The Acoustic Tuning Package (ATP) allows customers to create the preferred acoustic sound environment with relative ease. An ATP consists of angled deflector panels that are attached to perpendicular walls inside a WhisperRoom sound booth. These panels include acoustical foam sheets which control mid to high frequencies; LENRD Bass Traps which control low frequencies; and the open voids created behind the panels provide excellent sound wave entrapment. You can change the direction and pattern of the deflector panels easily to suit your specific acoustical needs. The ATP can be ordered with any new WhisperRoom and will work with most existing models (except the LP127).

Each WhisperRoom Sound Isolation booth comes with a 5-year warranty from date of purchase.

Ready to learn more about our products? Call us at (800)200-8168 today, or send an email to

Based in Morristown, TN, WhisperRoom, Inc. Sound Isolation Enclosures has been reducing sound to a whisper for our clients around the globe since 1990.

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