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Why Learn Guitar During Lockdown?

By: WhisperRoom™

August 24, 2020

An electric guitar leaning on a bed next to a stack of records

Now’s the perfect time to get started on your journey to becoming a musical artist. With so many of us on lockdown right now there is so much free time on our hands. Learning guitar could be the ideal boredom-killer, while also providing you with a chance to increase your skills in a new hobby. The guitar is an excellent choice for both beginners and more experienced musicians. That’s because it is relatively easy to learn and offers a lot of room for creativity.

Why Take the Time to Learn to Play?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to try this instrument. Whether it’s to create your own music or simply spend your spare time doing something that could be beneficial to you. Even aside from the creative and musical elements of learning guitar, there are so many more advantages, often improving a variety of aspects of our lives; from social benefits to mental and physical health.

At a time like this, learning guitar can be a great way to keep you busy and distracted from all the problems in the world while you are safe indoors, which is a benefit that you simply shouldn’t overlook.

Creativeguitarstudio explains the scientific benefits of playing guitar.

Top 10 Reasons to Give It a Try

  1. It can give you a new creative outlet
  2. You can learn to play in a variety of genres; from jazz to metal
  3. Learn a new skill and become a talented musical artist
  4. In the future, you could teach others your skills and make money from tutoring
  5. Learn how to play your favorite songs
  6. It can help you to become more productive and build self-confidence
  7. You can express yourself in a new and exciting way (whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, etc.)
  8. It can be a great escape from anxiety and stress
  9. Most find that it can improve concentration and memory
  10. It’s perfect for impressing your friends and family

Learn to Play While Stuck at Home

You’re likely to find that there is a broad range of options available to you when it comes to beginning your guitarist journey – without even needing to leave your home. There are many great online courses and tutors out there who could help you to become the musician you dream to be. Finding the right one can be ideal.

If you want a fast and effective learning experience to set you on the path of success, it’s important that you find the best teachers and lessons that are out there. It might be worth trying a variety of different ones to further enhance your skills as the days in quarantine go by.

If you’re looking for a little advice, you may want to check out our review on the Guitar Tricks program. The course itself could be a great way to learn guitar, so it might be worth taking a closer look at what we have to say if you’re interested.

A man playing guitar on the couch with wife and baby sitting next to him
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