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Noise Reduction & Soundproofing

Here at WhisperRoom™, we want you to be confident that our sound isolation booths will provide exceptional noise reduction.

With all of the so-called “soundproof” booths on today’s market, your purchase may leave you unimpressed. Therefore, our goal is to help you understand how well a WhisperRoom™ sound booth will reduce noise at different frequencies.

We believe it’s helpful to understand the level of noise you are trying to block, prior to purchasing a solution. For this reason, we’ve put together a decibel reduction tool. This tool will show you the expected decibel (dB) reduction for a range of different frequencies (Hertz).


125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
Enhanced Wall (ENH)
Standard Wall (STD)
  • Results will vary depending on your location and environment.
  • As this tool is meant to give a general idea of what to expect from a WhisperRoom™, the level is capped at 30 dB.
  • You can download a free dB meter to your smartphone. Click Here for iOS and Click Here for Android.
A step-by-step guide for using the Noise Reduction tool.

Loudness Measured in Decibels

Every sound creates pressure that we perceive as loudness. Decibels (dB for short) are how we measure loudness.

It’s important to note that loudness doubles with a +10 dB change. Likewise, the sound will be half as loud with a -10 dB change.

 For example:

  • A 40-dB sound is twice as loud as a 30-dB sound.
  • A 30-dB sound is half as loud as a 40-dB sound.

We’ve put together an image that helps explain the exponential curve of loudness. With 70 dB set as the comparison point, you can see how a (+/-) change in dB drastically affects perceived volume.

For this reason, it’s much easier to get a 40 dB reduction from a noise signal of 100 dB (reduced to 60 dB) than it would be to get a 40 dB reduction from a noise signal of 50 dB (reduced to 10 dB).

Our clients use WhisperRoom™ booths for many different applications. As a result, expectations for noise reduction can widely vary. Because of this, we aim to help our clients make the most sense of dB noise reduction before purchasing a solution.

A dB reduction info graph that shows different levels of decibel loudness

Building a Soundproof Room

Building a completely soundproof room is difficult to accomplish and can add up to an enormous expense. It requires more than our classic design of a room-within-a-room.

It requires extreme measures to eliminate low frequencies from spreading and entirely isolate the sound. You need to float the interior room from the exterior room, and the walls need to be made from very dense material (high-density concrete, steel, etc.). However, this method is normally a permanent structure that takes extensive planning and significant funds to achieve.

Without a comprehensive outline, the correct material, and the appropriate expertise, you may end up wasting a great deal of time and money.

Is a WhisperRoom™ Soundproof?

To clarify, WhisperRooms™ are not completely soundproof. However, they do provide outstanding sound isolation.

You can play an instrument or sing loudly inside of a WhisperRoom™ and the sound will be almost imperceptible outside of the booth. The same goes for removing exterior noise. WhisperRoom™ booths nearly eliminate all environmental noise and ambient sounds from your recordings.

WhisperRooms™ are “portable” and “modular”. Those words insinuate that a booth can be easily assembled, disassembled, and relocated. A fully soundproof room cannot be both “modular/portable”.

WhisperRoom™ offers Standard (Single-Wall) models and Enhanced (Double-Wall) models. Your needs will vary depending on your environment, location, and use.

Learn more about recommended levels of isolation by speaking with your Product Representative.

Noise Reduction from a Standard (Single-Wall) WhisperRoom™

Take a look at the top-down view of our Standard (Single-Wall) WhisperRoom™ in the image below.

A top-down image of a Standard (Single-Wall) WhisperRoom soundproof room.

Noise Reduction from an Enhanced (Double-Wall) WhisperRoom™

In general, these units are suitable for applications that require much greater noise reduction. Take a look at the top-down view of our Enhanced (Double-Wall) WhisperRoom™ in the image below.

A top-down image of an Enhanced (Double-Wall) WhisperRoom soundproof room.

To summarize, your needs will vary depending on your location and environment. Talk to your Product Representative to learn more about recommended levels of isolation.

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