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Broadcasting Booths

WhisperRooms are used all over the world as broadcast booths and podcast studios. Every day we speak to radio stations, broadcast companies, and media production companies that are searching for a reliable space to create content.

The modular design of a WhisperRoom™ gives your business the flexibility to bypass permanent construction.

Whether you are producing a radio show or creating a series of pre-recorded content, we have 26 different sizes of broadcast booths to choose from.

It’s a Portable Broadcast Studio

Several broadcast booths set up inside a tent for international broadcast
The International Media Broadcast Village used by the PGA Tour.

We’ve created a portable broadcast studio that can be constructed and relocated anywhere you need it.

For instance, NBC used a total of 20 different WhisperRooms to broadcast the Summer Olympic Games. We also built custom wooden crates for their transportation and storage. This gives them the flexibility to conveniently reassemble all the units for future games.

Make sure to ask your product rep about custom crates for your order.

Likewise, Canada’s largest private broadcasting company, CTV, uses five WhisperRooms to broadcast the Winter Games in Montreal.

Our portable broadcast equipment will provide you with a silent environment that will last for years.

Give us a call today and learn why thousands of companies have chosen WhisperRoom™.

The Perfect Podcast Studio

Podcasting and podcasts have become very popular in recent years. As popularity increases, you’ll need to produce high-quality professional podcast content. This is where we can help, a WhisperRoom™ is the perfect podcast studio.

With all of our different podcast booth sizes, you have plenty of options to choose from. Enjoy top-notch audio quality and uninterrupted recording sessions. It’s time to put a podcast studio in your home or add a podcast recording studio to your office.

A man and a girl recording a podcast and a studio table inside of a WhisperRoom podcast booth.

Great For Long Sessions

For long sessions such as lengthy podcast interviews, YouTube videos, internet radio shows, radio broadcasting, and live-streaming, each booth is equipped with a Ventilation System.  This system effectively circulates air so you stay comfortable.

Additionally, we offer a Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) which allows for seamlessly quiet and comfortable recording sessions for as long as you need.

We also offer several sizes of Wall Windows for visibility with producers and engineers outside the WhisperRoom.

Our optional Caster Plate (CP) provides mobility within the host room, which is especially useful when broadcasting at remote locations or when needing a portable podcast studio.

Optional Features to Consider: Ventilation Silencing System (VSS)Caster Plate (CP)Wall WindowsExterior Fan Silencer (EFS)Studio Light Packages (SL).

Ryan Seacrest at The Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere inside of a custom built WhisperRoom MDL 102186 S Multiple WhisperRooms being used by for broadcasting at the 2012 Olympics Custom built WhisperRoom at a red carpet event hosted by KIIS FM & Ryan Seacrest for the New Moon Premiere

Acoustic Noise Reduction

Depending on the ambient noise you need to eliminate during your broadcast and podcast sessions, WhisperRoom offers the Standard (Single-Wall) model or our Enhanced (Double-Wall) model.

Our Standard model will reduce ambient noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies) and the Enhanced model cuts ambient noise by about 75% (within those same mid-range frequencies).

To better understand how Standard Isolation and Enhanced Isolation perform, please visit our Noise Reduction Page.

The Auralex® acoustic foam that we supply with each model attaches to the interior walls with Velcro, so you can add or remove foam sheets in order to customize the interior to suit specific recording needs.

Your needs will vary depending on your location and broadcasting environment. Talk to your Product Representative to learn more about recommended levels of isolation.

A young woman recording a radio broadcast inside of a WhisperRoom broadcast booth. A WhisperRoom podcast booth shown with several microphones on a round table and a couple of stools. Image of church's production studio recording inside of a WhisperRoom broadcasting booth.

- Testimonials -

Kevin Parrish

NBC News - Long Island City, NY
“I wanted to share a YouTube video that we made at our temporary filed shop in St. Paul, MN at the recent Republican National Convention. After a long summer, we had a bit of fun during breakdown . . . I’m the guy doing the play-by-play on the video. Hope you enjoy . . . ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Robert Moore

Wheeling Jesuit University, Inc. - Wheeling, WV
“The WhisperRoom is working out great. We are using it for video conferencing with schools around the world. Assembly was easy (this was our third WhisperRoom build).” ...Read More

Model: MDL 7296 S

Claude Cunningham

WBEZ-Radio / Chicago Public Media - Chicago, IL
“This is my third booth purchased and they are great for my community News offices – News Bureau’s based in various communities thru-out the Chicago Area including Northwest Indiana. The sound quality I require is perfect with the WhisperRooms.” ...Read More

Model: MDL 10284 S

Hannah Inzko

Penn State University - University Park, PA
“I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with WhisperRoom’s accuracy and efficiency. It’s not very often that you get a real, caring person when you call a company to place an order. I was blown away when I called to place a second order and they remembered me from the previous year. That ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Jeff Berlin

KISS 108 Radio - Boston, MA
“Just a note to tell you my WhisperRoom is up and running. It works spectacularly! My clients like the clean voice tracks I’m now able to send, and I like the fact that I can jump and perform voice work without having to shut down all my noisy equipment. Thank you for manufacturing such a ...Read More

Model: MDL 4260 E


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