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WhisperRoom, Inc.™ is the world’s leading manufacturers of Sound Isolation Enclosures. With 26 different sizes, our SE 2000 Series WhisperRooms™ are portable, affordable and perfect for a variety of applications, both commercial and residential, including recording, music instrument practice, translation and voice-over work, television broadcasts, post-production, laboratory and equipment testing, and many more.

The unique modular designs and manageable component weights and sizes of our sound booths provide you with maximum flexibility. Each model is solidly constructed, durable and built to last a lifetime.

Assembly, disassembly, and relocation can easily be performed – there is no need for specially trained technical personnel. And the best part is that our sound booths really do provide significant sound isolation; check out our Sound Booth Demos for yourself. So, no matter your need or your profession, we have a model to accommodate you.

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQcontact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.