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Sound Isolation Booths for Product Testing or Medical Testing

WhisperRoom™ iso booths can be used as quiet rooms, medical testing facilities, equipment testing booths, portable laboratories, and other commercial sound isolation applications. Clients such as Motorola, Draper Laboratories, Nokia, Raytheon, Merk, Lear, ARC Automotive, Royal Technologies, Boeing and Sony, to name a few, are using WhisperRooms for product testing.

WhisperRooms are used for a host of testing applications. Audiology, Psychology, MRI and various equipment tests are conducted using WhisperRooms in order to get accurate data in a quiet environment.

We offer an optional Wide-Access Door which allows wheel-chair access as well as accessibility for large equipment. Optional Wall Windows provide the necessary visibility to communicate with test subjects inside the WhisperRoom. The optional Caster Plate (CP) provides mobility within the host room and also reduces downward noise transfer. For situations which may require additional interior space, we offer a 10” Height Extension (HX).

Optional Features to Consider: Ventilation Silencing System (VSS)Caster Plate (CP)StepWall WindowsExterior Fan Silencer (EFS), Multi Jack Panel (MJP).

Note: For Product Testing, consider a Non-Ventilated model (SNV or ENV).

A man doing product testing for Interstate Battery inside of a WhisperRoom An image of the mobile testing room that Compass Medical Provider uses to perform hearing tests and other medical examinationsA manikin and camera set up inside of a WhisperRoom during a product test by Verizon Wireless

- Testimonials -

Shesna Calkins

Pacific University - Forest Grove, OR
“Thank you so much for checking in on our recent WhisperRoom purchase. The delivery went really well and the instructions were detailed and well organized. As you can see from the photos, we had a great time with the assembly. Each time I was met with a knowledgeable and friendly staff member. Thank you from ...Read More

Model: MDL 7296 S

Justin Hughes

Hawg Wired Audio - Newark, CA
“The sound room is everything we asked for plus more. We can probably hit somewhere near 135+dB of distortion-free output from our wall of amps and speakers, and still, have a conversation with a group of people at the glass looking through. We never once disturbed our neighboring vendors. The amount of compliments and feedback ...Read More

Model: MDL 102102 S

Brad Turnbull

Peabody Energy - Wright, WY
“I wanted to thank you for our WhisperRoom. The entire process from the ordering, to delivery, to assembly, went unbelievably well. I wish more companies had their stuff together like you guys. The sales person we spoke to was wonderful, not pushy at all just helpful. The delivery process went very well. The parts arrived ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Esther Keller

Backun Musical - Burnaby, BC, Canada
“We are using the WhisperRoom as a final playtesting room in our manufacturing facility. Because we make wind instruments it is very important to us to hear any fine sounds of the keys and any possible air leakage in addition to the tone quality of the instrument itself. We are getting the sound reduction that ...Read More

Model: MDL 4872 S

Benjamin Tucker

University of Alberta - Alberta, Canada
“The delivery was great and so was the assembly. The rooms are working out splendidly.” – Used for Phonetics/Linguistics research. ...Read More

Model: MDL 4848 E


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