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Acoustic Package

By: WhisperRoom™

April 29, 2019

Interior view of WhisperRoom with new Acoustic Package - Diverse assortment of Fabric Acoustic Panels enhancing acoustical environment.

The Acoustic Package offers a versatile and cost-effective solution, allowing every WhisperRoom user to effortlessly craft their desired interior acoustical environment. Its core aim is to elevate sound quality and control within the enclosure.

Through sound wave absorption and diffusion, the panels effectively minimize undesired reflections, echo, and reverberation. The outcome is a serene and acoustically refined environment that ensures optimal sound conditions. Each Acoustic Package includes a carefully chosen assortment of the following panel sizes:

  • 1′ x 2′ Fabric Acoustic Panels
  • 1′ x 4′ Fabric Acoustic Panels
  • 2′ x 4′ Fabric Acoustic Panels

Note: Models vary – some include all three panel sizes, while others have two. This ensures tailored acoustics for each WhisperRoom model. 

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