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Jimmy Hodson

Voice Over Artist - Laguna Beach, CA

Model: MDL 4260 E

“As a voice over actor, the WhisperRoom has been fantastic. It’s solved many problems and the fact that I can disassemble the booth and move it to our next house is very attractive and cost effective. In my old home recording studio, I spent way more money for permanent soundproofing that was woefully inadequate. I could hear every car drive by and couldn’t record without interruption from airplane noise outside or conversations elsewhere in the house.

Now, I hear none of that through the WhisperRoom walls and am delighted that I can keep working and not disturb my family if I have to record a loud voice over late at night as well. Assembly of the WhisperRoom was actually fun and easy, and even though it took 8 to 12 hours, it was weeks and weeks faster than building something that would be inferior. My WhisperRoom arrived rather quickly too, and the whole process was a snap and tax-deductible money well spent.

I will have a consistent sound wherever I live and assured soundproofing no matter what. I no longer have to yell at the kids, “Daddy’s recording, can you be quiet please?” They could be banging pots & pans in the kitchen and I no longer hear it and can record clean audio tracks any time. The WhisperRoom also makes a great man cave, and when I pass away, I can be buried in it, as all voice actors should be. Thank you WhisperRoom!”

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