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Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting Recording

Jon Simkins


“The sound booth (Audio Isolation Enclosure), we love that high-tech name, is working Great! The freight company did a great job and was very helpful. Assembly was a team building experience with four of us taking it on. It wasn’t hard. . . it’s just nice to have extra hands to hold panels in place while someone else secures them while someone is checking directions. It went up really fast, good directions and we used it later that afternoon.

The booth (enclosure) is in the corner of our studio up against our chroma key wall . . . out of the way but convenient to use any time we need to. This is something we have talked about purchasing for years and now that we have used it numerous times we should have gotten it years ago. Our VO quality has improved by 100%. What a difference. . . and everyone has noticed. Thanks for your help and getting the booth to us so fast . . . awesome job!”