Patty Mattson - Client Testimonials | WhisperRoom, Inc.™
Education Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting

Patty Mattson

Madison Music and Voice Over - Sherman Oaks, CA

Model: MDL 4260 E

“I am a voice talent and professional singer that has spent my life in recording studios of all kinds. I purchased the Enhanced WhisperRoom for my home studio and it has been amazing! A construction project was started on a bridge not 200 feet from my home office and there is constant jackhammers, drills, thumping machines and trucks, just to name a few noise making challenges, but thank goodness in my WhisperRoom I am not getting any bleed of all that noise while recording.

My agent has an isolation booth for auditions at her office and it is in NO WAY as effective as mine. I have been in a lot of ISO booths and I have to say this brand is hands down the best of its kind.”

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