Robert Walker - Client Testimonials | WhisperRoom, Inc.™
Education Office Testing Practice Voice Over Broadcasting

Robert Walker

GMR Marketing, LLC - New Berlin, WI

Model: MDL 127 LP S

“Only audio problem is now I can hear the nuance issues with the mics/rec. setup that we could never hear above old background noise (I consider that a positive!). Mix quality has improved, audio editing speed improved since it’s much easier to isolate signal from noise/see breaths and mouth noise, etc…. Able to capture a wider performance range because talent is not fighting background noise.

We’re using our WhisperRoom mostly for VO recordings to use as audio bed in B2B videos, phone message system recordings, potential for future ADR work or instrumental recording. We are getting the sound isolation we expected… night and day difference with isolating background noises around the sometimes loud office.”

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