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Office Phone Booths

We’ve heard from many clients who were looking for a quality solution to thrive in the new working environment. We listened to the requests and designed an office phone booth that provides superior sound isolation and outstanding privacy.

Simply put, our sound isolation enclosures will provide your workplace or home office with a silent space to focus on your job. 

Office Phone Booths by WhisperRoom™

The Rise of the Office Phone Booth

Office phone booths have become a widespread hit over the past few years. Dozens of startup companies started selling “soundproof” phone booths to help combat the discomfort of the modern open office.

Clearly, the modern workplace will only continue to change.

Employers are rethinking open office layouts and employees are getting used to working at home. Meanwhile, offices are becoming more empty and the need to be on the phone or in a video conference is becoming more popular.

It’s a Flexible Privacy Booth

We’ve developed a privacy booth that you can set up anywhere in your home or office. It’s easy to assemble, simple to relocate, and can be upgraded or modified as needed.

WhisperRoom’s office phone booths are incredibly versatile and give you exceptional privacy to stay focused while working.

Next time you need to brainstorm, take a private phone call, or have a virtual meeting, you’ll be able to do so without any interruptions. Owning a privacy booth will keep unwanted distractions from disrupting your focus.

Office Booth Packages

Looking for an office phone booth can be time-consuming and complicated. Many phone booths have trendy styles and big aspirations but lack privacy and noise isolation.

WhisperRoom has been making isolation booths for 30 years and can provide an excellent solution to your noise issues.

We encourage you to take a look at the Office Booth and the Work From Home Booth.

The Office Booth

Work From Home Booth

Acoustic Noise Reduction

Depending on the ambient noise you want to eliminate from your work environment, WhisperRoom offers the Standard (Single-Wall) model and our Enhanced (Double-Wall) model.

Our Standard model will reduce ambient noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies) and the Enhanced model cuts ambient noise by about 75% (within those same mid-range frequencies).

Our office booths can be upgraded from Standard (Single-Wall) isolation to Enhanced (Double-Wall) isolation at any time. To better understand how Standard Isolation and Enhanced Isolation perform, please visit our Noise Reduction Page.

Your needs will vary depending on your location and environment. Talk to your Product Representative to learn more about recommended levels of isolation.

Woman speaking on the phone and typing on a laptop in WhisperRoom's Office Phone Booth

- Testimonials -

Shesna Calkins

Pacific University - Forest Grove, OR
“Thank you so much for checking in on our recent WhisperRoom purchase. The delivery went really well and the instructions were detailed and well organized. As you can see from the photos, we had a great time with the assembly. Each time I was met with a knowledgeable and friendly staff member. Thank you from ...Read More

Model: MDL 7296 S

Justin Hughes

Hawg Wired Audio - Newark, CA
“The sound room is everything we asked for plus more. We can probably hit somewhere near 135+dB of distortion-free output from our wall of amps and speakers, and still, have a conversation with a group of people at the glass looking through. We never once disturbed our neighboring vendors. The amount of compliments and feedback ...Read More

Model: MDL 102102 S

Brad Turnbull

Peabody Energy - Wright, WY
“I wanted to thank you for our WhisperRoom. The entire process from the ordering, to delivery, to assembly, went unbelievably well. I wish more companies had their stuff together like you guys. The sales person we spoke to was wonderful, not pushy at all just helpful. The delivery process went very well. The parts arrived ...Read More

Model: MDL 4242 S

Esther Keller

Backun Musical - Burnaby, BC, Canada
“We are using the WhisperRoom as a final playtesting room in our manufacturing facility. Because we make wind instruments it is very important to us to hear any fine sounds of the keys and any possible air leakage in addition to the tone quality of the instrument itself. We are getting the sound reduction that ...Read More

Model: MDL 4872 S

Benjamin Tucker

University of Alberta - Alberta, Canada
“The delivery was great and so was the assembly. The rooms are working out splendidly.” – Used for Phonetics/Linguistics research. ...Read More

Model: MDL 4848 E


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