What Interior Treatments Should I Use Besides Foam?

What Interior Treatments Should I Use Besides Foam?

By: WhisperRoom™

April 5, 2016

the interior of a WhisperRoom drum room with blue studio foam on the wall and a full drum kit

All standard sound booths by WhisperRoom come equipped with removable acoustical studio foam, providing a varying sound experience to fit your needs, but what other interior treatments should you consider? The answer will depend on how you plan to use your sound booth, and some options are simply for added convenience. Here are the options for interior treatments offered by Whisper Room.

image of two different audio jack panels

If you are looking for a built-in jack panel, WhisperRoom offers two options for these interior treatments in your sound booth. The Audio Jack Panel comes equipped with six to ten outlets and is ideal for audiometric applications. This prewired jack-panel consists of either four or eight stereo phone jacks and two RCA connectors, depending on your needs for cabling. If you plan on using your sound booth for recording, mixing or mastering applications, then the XLR Panel may be an option for you. The XLR Panel is available which provide you with four XLR jacks and four stereo phone jacks that are also prewired for your convenience.

Whisper Room also offers an Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP) that aids in noise reduction far beyond our Standard “S” or Single-Wall WhisperRoom. A great aspect of our Standard WhisperRooms is that they come pre-configured to allow for this upgrade, should you decide later on that you require an IEP as a secondary isolation method. The difference between an IEP and our standard WhisperRoom is that a Standard or Single-Wall booth isolates about 50% of mid-range frequencies, while the IEP packages help reduce these frequencies by up to 75%.

What about the lighting in my booth?

To allow more natural light into the sound booth, without compromising noise reduction, WhisperRoom offers wall windows that are available in various sizes. The windows are constructed of multiple layers of ¼” laminated safety glass that is also separated by air buffers. At the base of each window is a convenient cable passage plug, plus the glass is shatterproof for safety while offering superior noise reduction.

image of a drum kit inside of a whisperroom drum booth

Studio lights are an option to help provide lighting or to set the mood in your sound booth. This dual lighting system provides superior lighting for general purposes and multicolored LED lights that contribute to the mood or ambiance of the sound booth. The studio lights produce no heat nor do they affect the sound quality of your recordings or interfere with noise reduction. Plus, the brightness of the lights is adjustable to fit your needs.

Sometimes ease of access and size are a specific need for some clients. That is why WhisperRoom also offers the option of a wide access door that allows for larger objects to easily pass through the doorway of the sound booth. Also, WhisperRoom offers two options for height extension within the sound booth. The height extension is available in either 8’ or 10’ options.

WhisperRoom understands every client has different needs, which is why we provide various options for interior treatments. If you would like more information on the interior treatments WhisperRoom offers, please contact us to speak with a qualified professional. With our interior treatment upgrade options, we guarantee we can help build the perfect sound booth to fit your needs.

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