Recording Studio Rockstars: Jason Soudah On Composing For Film

RSR: Jason Soudah | Composing for Film With Matt Margeson at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control

By: WhisperRoom™

March 19, 2020

Jason Soudah in the studio

WhisperRoom™ is a proud sponsor of the podcast Recording Studio Rockstars. In each episode, Lij Shaw interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals to bring you inspiring stories, tricks, and insight from the recording industry.

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RSR Episode #234: Jason Soudah talks about composing film with Matt Margeson at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control and much more!

In this episode of Recording Studio Rockstars, Jason Soudah talks about interning with Hans Zimmer, arranging with Matt Margeson, composing a song one section at a time, using Sonarworks Ref4 to create massive low end in a film score, and gives some great tips for synths and strings.

Listen to the full episode here or stream it in the video below!
Recording Studio Rockstars – Episode #234 – Jason Soudah

Who is Jason Soudah?

Jason Soudah is a Composer/Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Mix Engineer from the UK. In 2009, Jason was invited to intern at Hans Zimmer’s studio complex and has been based in Los Angeles ever since. Jason was quickly recruited by composer Matthew Margeson (Rocketman, Kingsman: The Secret Service & The Golden Circle, Rings). From then on, the two have become partners in collaboration.

In this “additional music” capacity, Jason has also worked with composers Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis, Heitor Pereira, Jim Dooley, Al Clay, Daniel Heath, Benjamin Wallfisch, and Ryan Taubert.

As a composer, Jason recently won the Best Music Award at the 2019 Boston Film Festival for his score to the movie “Whaling”. Additional career highlights include scoring the multi-award-winning Horror Feature “Followed“, and the Emmy-Awarded documentary feature “Paradise Reef: The World is Watching.”

Jason has had songs featured on MTV (The Real World, Teen Mom). Jason also wrote “A Sporting Chance” for the movie “Eddie The Eagle, “Ladyphones” for the movie “GI-JOE: Retaliation”, and co-wrote “Handy Candy” for the movie “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” with composers Matthew Margeson and Mike Higham.

Right now, Jason is writing music for multiple film projects, mixing scores (most recently for BAFTA-supported composer Emily Rice), and collaborating with other songwriters and artists (as a co-writer and/or producer) with a view to creating songs for sync licenses, for the artist/s themselves, or to be cut by other artists. Jason also produces backing tracks for KIDZ BOP, collaborating with Gary Philips.

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