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GoPro’s Jam Booth at NAMM 2015

By: WhisperRoom™

April 12, 2015

GoPro's custom built WhisperRoom that was used at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show
image of a GoPro's custom made WhisperRoom rehearsal booth

WhisperRoom, Inc. is proud to announce that the leading innovator in extreme life-capturing video and high-definition cameras, GoPro, will be using a custom-designed WhisperRoom for their exhibit booth at Winter NAMM 2015! NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) will fill up the Anaheim Convention Center, January 22 – 25, 2015 with exhibits from every corner of the music industry. From manufacturers of instruments to artists looking for the latest music innovations. The NAMM Show highlights the latest technology in the music industry and the importance of music education in our world.

GoPro’s Music Department sets up a full band in their NAMM “Jam Booth” with GoPro cameras mounted to the instruments, capturing real-time video for display on screens mounted on the outside of the booth. “The inherent issue at NAMM is showing your product well, while staying within the strict guidelines of the NAMM Show’s maximum decibel level,” says Josh Fletcher, WhisperRoom Design Engineer. “GoPro came to us with the challenge of designing a booth large enough to house a full, playing band, while offering maximum visibility and sound isolation… WhisperRoom met that challenge!” GoPro’s Jam Booth is a custom-designed 16’ x 16’, Double-Wall WhisperRoom, with the quality craftsmanship and sound isolation attributes that WhisperRoom is known for in the industry.

Since 1990, WhisperRoom, Inc., has manufactured portable/modular sound isolation enclosures for applications such as recording, broadcasting, voice-over, and practice, to name a few. WhisperRoom offers 20 sizes and two levels of sound isolation, a Standard (Single-Wall) and an Enhanced (DoubleWall). All models are upgradable from a Standard to an Enhanced at any time, in order to accommodate the client’s ever-changing needs. Sizes range from a modest 3.5’ x 2.5’ one-person unit to a room-size 8.5’ x 15.5’unit. WhisperRoom, Inc. offers a host of application-specific optional features as well. Educational discounts, monthly specials, and GSA pricing are available as well as worldwide shipping. For more information visit the website at, call 865-558-5364, or email us at WhisperRoom. . . . Reducing Sound to a Whisper Since 1990!

GoPro: 11-Year-Old Guitarist Shreds at NAMM

Mike Lopez from Obsidian – End of Days (Drum Cam) Live at NAMM 2015

Thomas Pridgen | John Popper | Ben Weinman | Pete Griffin | Alexander Potts

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